Boro to continue with legal case against Derby despite administration


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All explained on here.
The starting point is “paid in full” and they rank above other creditors so effectively they decide the CVA.

So if the non footballing debt is 50m, HMRC is 25m, CVA agreed to pay 30m then HMRC get there money above the others.

So it has changed from what I thought but unless I’m mistaken hmrc debt doesn’t rank pari passu with footballing debt.


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It's an absolute waste of time. He should concentrate on getting things right at his own club.
Like what?

Appointing the most experienced Manager in the Championship?

For Appointing a Director of Football and plan for the future in terms of targets and being a more attractive propostion for better Managers?

For putting £1m a month of his own cash in the one of the most testing of financial times in modern day football?

For signing players that excite the fans (Payero being the most recent example).

Anyway Mel Morris....