Boro Kit


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I just noticed that they don't put the sponsor on kids shirts.

Would you pay a bit more to NOT have the sponsor on your shirt?

I'm not really into kits but I might be tempted if I didn't have to become a walking advert for a betting company

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I don't mind the 32red. It's the set your limits bit that annoys me.

Don't use a betting company and stick a warning on it. It's just a token gesture as you know 32Red will keep letting you bet and love an addict.

Hopefully paddy Power 'sponsor' us one day and don't have it on the shirt.
it makes a mess unless theres not much glue, i tried to take hansa off the retro and ruined the shirt . followed all the correct way to and even carefully tried to peel it off with a heat press. result was a ruined shirt