BLT. Brown sauce or Salad cream

A question I've struggled with for yeasy

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Brown sauce with sausage an bacon.
Salad cream with BLT - cus thats what me Nana had - we never knew what Mayonnaise was till I got older.
I remain firmly in the brown+mayo lobby and there is a reason why. You should just try it. But the trick is moderation, just a very small drizzle/smear of brown sauce and slightly more mayo. It sounds wrong, it breaks the rules. It is delicious. Everyone I've ever given one of these to wants to know what's in them. No one has ever rejected or failed to finish one.
It's a big world out there , you might have to man up a bit, some big important decisions will come your way and we won't be here for them ☹️ Do a list , a pro list and an con list for each . then go from there 😄