Bill Gates RIP

I think you're right, I knew he had a shop at the Hill St Middlesbrough. Your right - Willie Maddren had a paper shop on Billingham Green below the Half Moon Club and then bought a sports shop on Norton Road. I was sure Billy gates bought the Billingham shop and then sold it to Intersport?
Willie had the shop on The Green
Bill Beatties in the town
Terry Cooper up in Wolviston Court
Alec Smith opposite The Swan
I remember Bill Gates as a solid centre half for Boro who never let the side down.
He got into the sports shops I thought with Monument Sports in Hill Street centre in Middlesbrough and progressed from there.
RIP Bill.
The best atmosphere for a Boro away game l have been too. The away fans chanting "Come on Boro" for virtually the whole game! We deserved something out of it.
Mind you I've only been going since 1958.
I was only 13 at the time and it was only my 2nd away trip, so I probably didn't appreciate just how good the atmosphere was. My 1st decent memory was the Leeds away game after our promotion to Division 1.

He lived round the corner when my family lived in Marske.
Played vs Bobby Charlton in some big Cup games.
RIP - I lived on Birkdale Road in Hartburn, from the windows at the back of our house we could see Bill when he was in the garden. Frank Spraggon lived two doors away from us.
In later years Willie Maddren and Souness live nearby on the estate near the Penny Black, met them both at a party at Willie's house.
Very sad news this week of Bill Gates passing.
Can I attach this interview with Bill's wife, Dr Judith Gates this summer..
The little things:
After the team ran out to The Power Game, Bill seemed to have his own routine of doing stretches, whilst the others kicked balls around.
He was the first Boro player to play in white boots, iirc.
His first shop in the Boro was in the Dundas Arcade, before the Hill Street Centre was built. If Boro were playing they had a little score board in the window to keep shoppers up to the date with the latest score. No internet or mobile phones remember in the late 1970s, just transistor radios.

I seem to remember he lost his place when Boam and Maddren were paired up around the beginning of 1972.

RIP Bill
Loved watching Bill playing. I seem to remember Bill had odd tendency to clear the ball in the direction of the way he was facing. Always laughed at Willie Whig screaming ”turn round Bill”!!
He was centre-half in the first Boro team I watched regularly. He was a good solid defender. RIP.