Best boxer ever. Any weight. Any era.

I'm kind of glad it never happened. By the time it was getting talked about age was on Frochs side and the issues Calzaghe had with has hands, Froch could have beaten him. It would have been a massive disservice to Calzaghe and we'd have never heard the end of it

Fair points.
Can't really say 'best' but those I have watched and entertained by and some read a bit more about

Sugar Ray Robinson & Sugar Ray Leonard , but also Marciano, Haglar, Jeff Fenech, Ali, Alexis Arguello, Hearns, Foreman, Frazier
My biggest sporting hero outside of Middlesbrough players around that era. I watched nearly all of the 61 bouts on YT, and some 5 or 6 times (especially the 1st Liston fight and the Trilogy with Frasier and the Foreman fight) . I always watched every televised bout at that time that I could(not many received trans Atlantic coverage).

He was the the best heavyweight ever imho, his best years taken away from him, but a clever boxer who could actually box and was lightning fast. No other boxer had his wherewithal, character, wit and charm. He was around a long time, and still won some big fights against men much younger despite his age brain and cognitive decline showing. It was a big shame what happened to him, but I suppose he wouldn't have swapped it ? He was a bright light in a very dark time for America.
Thought Roberto Duran was a decent boxer too, his fight with marvellous Marvin was something else
I’m not saying the greatest ever but Andre Ward deserves an honourable mention for his record. In the pro and amateur ranks he was hugely successful. Unbeaten pro record world champion and Olympic gold medal.
Come back after inactivity to beat a really mean Kovalev twice was the icing on the cake.
Sugar Ray Leonard for me.
Yes, he would be my choice in purely what he did in the ring, if we include influence on society as a whole then Ali stands head and shoulders above all the greats that came before and since. Peerless. Champ.
Hasn't Canelo been world Champ in 5 divisions? Or is it 4?

Pacqiou has been world champ at 8 weight divisions I think.
Yeah but I was just agreeing with the choice, not for how many weight divisions he won in!
Ali for me, had the world at his feet ant one stage and as well as being one of the best boxers ever (THE best at his weight) he probably did more for the sport than any other.

Plus I was allowed to stay up really late to watch the fights.