Barca sign Braithwaite


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This isn’t a wind up.
Barca were granted special permission to sign a player out of the window due to the injury to Dembele.
They activated Braithwaites release clause of €18m......
How can that be possible, unless he takes no part in any games, surely the transfer window is closed & nothing can be done
Under La Liga rules, if a player is out for more than five months, then clubs can apply to sign one player from another La Liga club or bring in any out-of-contract players in Spain.
Just been reading about this, Braithwaite has scored 6 goals this season the rest of the team have got 8 between them.
Leganes are stuffed now, as they can’t sign a replacement
Has anyone got the link to the photo of bauser and him looking over at the rockckiffe and the caption "and spennymoore town is over there , which is were you will be playing of you don't score for us" 😀😀😀


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The Blaugrana found out on Monday that they are allowed by La Liga to sign a contracted player from another Spanish club this month following a long-term injury for Ousmane Dembele, who will not feature again this campaign.
This ruling has provoked some controversy, as Lega are now powerless to stop Braithwaite leaving – due to his release clause being activated – but are unable to sign a replacement themselves.”

Shocking really
At least it's been confirmed that we have a sell-on clause.
I read somewhere that Dembele had the same injury in the opposite leg and was only out for 3 months. The ruling is based on at least 6 months our. Something stinks.

Edit: sorry Jan, didn't mean to reply to your post, but in case you feel put out, can you confirm the percentage? 👍
I think this one can be described as 'left field'.

Never good enough for Barca under normal circumstances - I'll bet he doesn't play more than a dozen games for them


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Braithwaite and his agent win big style, without knocking the lad he never showed anything in the games I’ve seen him play to suggest that he’s a player who can contribute at that level, but what an opportunity for him I thought Ángel Rodriguez from Getafe would have been the one they would have signed.