Argentina v Mexico


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There seems to be a lot of legacy players in this tournament who are holding their teams back
Yeah, seen a fair few

Wales - Bale and Ramsey

Argies - DiMaria and Otamendi

Germany - Thomas Muller

Portugal - Pepe and Ronaldo

Belgium - half their team.

Uruguay - Suarez, Cavani, Godin, Caceras

Before yesterday you could of argued Maguire for england

No doubt a fair few more I’ve missed as I don’t know the African, Asian, Central and North American teams well Enough.
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This match reminds me why I was not upset at the England performance last night.

World Cup football is hard - even for the best teams.

The important thing is getting through... and I don't think England will lose by 4 to Wales.


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To be fair, Mexico don’t really have to commit. At some point Argentina are going to have to go for it, that should open up the game.


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Will they really "go for it" though?
If backfires and they lose they're out. After 2 games.

If they draw, they just need to beat Poland by 2 goals. Imagine they'd rather take that scenario than blow it tonight and face the embarrassment of going home after 2 games.


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Game needs an Argentina goal really. Mexico happy to just crowd it out in their own half and not really commit to a counter.
Mexico playing for a draw, need them to go behind to have to come out and do something.