Anyone on here ever bought gear from Tecaz?


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Fantastic mate.
Some stuff looks expensive but it’s cheap, some stuff looks cheap but is expensive.
I bought a bathroom from there for about £5000. Shopped online and would have saved about £150 in total buying individual items from here there and everywhere.
Design service was brilliant.
Customer service was brilliant.


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Getting a new bathroom from them in a few weeks time.

I'll let you know! Impressed so far. I could have saved a few quid by shopping around but I've got them doing everything so me. Design. Supply. Fitting.


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Got a kitchen of them, couldn’t do enough for me, after been badly let down by Wren… even managed to get a customer to delay having there kitchen taken out to squeeze me in as had been without a kitchen for 5 months

Saved about £7k going to Tecaz on the wren price to.


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Bought a white bathroom 3 piece suite a few years back. Be aware that sometimes the 3 pieces aren’t from the same range and whites can be slightly different. They try to piece together ranges that are very similar and most of the time you won’t notice. Good value and service though.


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Got a kitchen off them 4 years ago. Couldn't fault them.

Even down to the kitchen fitters. We had a few problems (nothing to do with Tecaz) and they even worked around us to help us at any opportunity.

We paid about £5k for the kitchen. The same kitchen/units everything was £9k with Howdens and even more with Wickes.


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got a load of bathroom kit a few years back. one mirror took a while to arrive but it was during covid. they are spot on at returns too so make sure you check all of your kit as soon as it arrives. we had tiles from there too and couldn't fault them


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We paid about £5k for the kitchen. The same kitchen/units everything was £9k with Howdens and even more with Wickes.
Is that the Howdens list price, or after the 60-70% discount, which any joiner will have and should pass on? I've paid 3.5k for a small 4 bed kitchen, and 5k for a larger 4 bed kitchen, inc cooker and induction hob, but no D/W, F/F etc.

I've had Howdens for the last two (different houses) and the carcases and doors are great quality for the price, and even better when you know a good fitter. Didn't rate the worktop in the first one, but it wasn't an expensive one and it was my own fault for choosing black. Got quartz the second time around from FFG in Hartlepool, which was awesome, and a great price.

I always just go to where my fitter suggests, they're the ones in the know, but not had anything like that done for 5 years and was under the impression Tecaz was pricey?


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We got a kitchen about 7 years ago and the white cupboard door, well the white shiny stuff is falling off 2 of the doors. Not impressed


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Be very careful with the kitchen worktops. We looked at them and were just about to purchase the granite and were warned off by a fitter friend... they were using stuff that was half the thickness of the standard and it was cracking and breaking and chipping off.