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We have had a few threads on here.
This is an excellent article - hope it helps

My son was away in Copenhagen last week with his partner and her mum. He had to walk out of the restaurant they booked on the Sunday night - the noise was unbearable.
He felt awful.

Must admit aesthetically much nicer than traditional ear defenders which can be conspicuous.

Going to try them out with the boy, but change doesn't come easy with him. :D
I was surprised how easily my lad took to them particularly as he's very sensitive to touch and usually hates anything on his skin.
He wears them predominantly for playing football in to block out noise from the sidelines and has been an absolute gamechanger. He's like a different kid.

But also use them in pubs / restaurants / shops with great success. He wore them at the Riverside last week for the first time and he loved it even though he was very nervous about the noise beforehand. He even took them out at half time which I think is probably a reflection of the current drab atmosphere in the Riverside to be honest :ROFLMAO:
Does he wear anything to protect from noise? Headphones/buds or anything?

My son wears loops and is finding them really helpful.
No - he can cope sometimes.
It was the culmination of a full on weekend
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Had he had a weekend on the sauce? 🍺🍺🍺

Wonder if these things can be heightened by booze, similar to anxiety etc
Something that might help also is sunglasses, lights and the constant flashing of things can be really off putting. Emergency service lights I really hate, have to look away or close my eyes.