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  1. Norfolkred1

    RIP Dennis Hutchings

    Your duty is done fella. The British Government should hold their heads in shame.
  2. Norfolkred1

    Styptic Pencils

    What a mare trying to find one. Some Chemists giving blank looks at the question. Do I really need to go down the Amazon route, well at £1:60 I may as well.
  3. Norfolkred1

    Anyone self isolating with C19

    I was hit with a positive lateral test last Monday and confirmed with a PCR test on Tuesday however my last two laterals have been negative. Obviously riding it out till 9th just to make sure. Double jabbed and only a small cough and the lack of taste and smell so no real biggy, thank you...
  4. Norfolkred1

    Newcastle sign Neymar

  5. Norfolkred1


    What's your views. Looks interesting with a few twists turns methinks.
  6. Norfolkred1

    Old Boro photo, help needed

    Tom Neal is looking for an old Boro team photo on Memories of Middlesbrough. Any help would be appreciated. Hi guys, I understand that there's a Boro team photo out there from around 1882/1883 but I'm having a lot of trouble tracking it down. There's an old one on their website but I'm told...
  7. Norfolkred1

    Any Boro fans in or around Bangor

    Asking for a life long Welsh Boro fan.
  8. Norfolkred1

    4th Highest away fans in the Championship last weekend

    2,164, Well done to all who made the journey. Busy run for me, from Boro to Norfolk for 4 days. Norfolk to Newark overnight. Then Newark to Derby for the match, overnight stop and back on Sunday.
  9. Norfolkred1

    River walks tonight BBC2 1900, the mighty Tees

    Our Kirsten doing the walk around upper Teesdale near Barney Castle.
  10. Norfolkred1

    For military aircraft enthusiasts

    10x US Air Force F-15s from Lakenheath are deploying to Leeming today for at least one if not two weeks whilst F-35 upgrades take place at Lakenheath. Get clicking.
  11. Norfolkred1

    Young lad carried out

    Did not look to good at half time. Copper carried him out, looked unconscious. Hope he is OK. Derby medics sauntered up to stand, eventually.
  12. Norfolkred1

    ST Question

    How many ST holders can you link. TIA
  13. Norfolkred1

    Dusty Hill ZZ Top

    Has left the stage. RIP Fella.
  14. Norfolkred1

    With friends like these, poor fella.

    Just hope he gets drunk very quickly on his stag night.
  15. Norfolkred1

    For all you 'still game fans'
  16. Norfolkred1

    Road TAX question

    My daughter has left me her car to sell off. I have the V5 as new owner but am trying to TAX it for the period of time with me, it's only £30 TAX no no real dramas. Checking on the DVLA site the car is still taxed to 2022 and wont let me TAX it, Does she have to cancel the TAX before I can re...
  17. Norfolkred1

    First one caught, hope many more to follow

    Well done Savvills:
  18. Norfolkred1

    FB Jobs page

    Just been sent this job in the Boro. pomocnik/firestopper Full-time · £12-£18/hour 10d · ampa · Middlesbrough Witam Praca w Middlesbrough , hotel i dojaz zapewniony , praca polega wycinaniu firebatta i mastikowaniu (firestopping tak zwany) telefon kontaktowy 07471708145 After a quick...
  19. Norfolkred1

    Paul Mariner RIP

    Former Ipswich and England striker Aged 68.
  20. Norfolkred1

    Ireland V Japan Rugby

    Ireland not getting their own way at the mo 7-10 down