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    MFC: Warnock Media Conference v Peterbro` [V. 13:58]

    Good interview, glad to see he's trying to stay positive. Looking forward to it myself - 2-1 Boro (y)
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    Milk chocolate digestives

    Good, but not a patch on those chocolate covered animal little biscuit thingies Edit : Although thinking about it, they could be the same sorta thingies
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    Your Favourite Post Game Fan Rants

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    southgate for the Newcastle job

    Could say this is 'typical' Newcastle. The ink isn't even dry on the takeover and they have already went from Antonio Conte to Gareth Southgate! :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
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    Both Sunderland & now Newcastle have hit the owners jackpot

    Just read that financial experts have said they will be able to spend close on £200m within the next 3 years to keep within FFP (if they obviously follow it!). Will £200m enable you to get close to the top half within the next 3 years, let alone the top 6?? (baring in mind they spent £40m ion...
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    Both Sunderland & now Newcastle have hit the owners jackpot

    Hasn't their owner already said this is something they wont be doing? He wants them to be self sufficient I believe.
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    Atmosphere was shocking today

    Sounded loud enough on the radio.
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    Anthony Scully

    Supposed to be a cracking player (y)
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    Your favourite Boro signing that cost under £500,000.

    Does Bryan Robbo count? (dont think we paid anything for him did we?). A massive part of our history.
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    Warnock - best way to get familiar with Championship is to play games

    Do people read and think, or do they read and scramble to get on here to be the first to have a dig at the manager/club? Of course in theory, the best way for a player to get up to speed is for him to be playing games but in reality, it rarely happens. Look at Payero for example. As Mendieta...
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    The Many Saints of Newark (Sopranos prequel!)

    Bizarrely, only found out last week that apparently its not Scorsese but a look alike! I always thought it was him. Apparently Scorsese wasn't a fan of the show at all. Did the tour in New York a good few years ago, and the tour guide said that when he asks people what their favourite episode...
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    Forest Away

    A Wednesday night isn't it? Will put a few off I think.
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    Nathan Wood England Captain

    Looks like a giant against the rest of the team!
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    Michael K. Williams RIP

    Outstanding actor. RIP.
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    Teesside successes?

    Pauline Fowler god rest her soul. Was never the same since Arthur died.
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    So any outs

    Hopefully just him and Wood (and maybe a few more youngens.) Would love it if we kept Morsy and Spence.
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    Bloody Bausor.......

    Is Gary Gill still here by the way?
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    Bloody Bausor.......

    Doesn't start until tomorrow does he?
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    Josh Laurent

    Rumours we are in for him. Don’t know much about the lad myself.