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  1. Middlesbrough123


    We needed goal and the new lads coming in have managed to get off the mark in good time . Crooks , sporar, uche, and onel. Has to be good sign , it would be to see tav to start contributing more . Sporar just might be our top scorer come Saturday 😉
  2. Middlesbrough123

    Tav to Burnley?

    Never noticed it mentioned on here so I’m guessing it’s false . What’s his value ?
  3. Middlesbrough123

    Whose coming ?

    Looks like wel have a new striker and a left back in this week . So who else is coming ? I don’t believe we can count any none league lads coming in as first team players were crying out for so surly atleast one more forward will land plus another when akpom leaves after recovering from Covid
  4. Middlesbrough123

    Select Car Leasing Stadium

    Just noticed reading have renamed their stadium Select Car Leasing Stadium , so how does South Cleveland garages stadium sound ? 😉 I didn’t mind cellnet as it was a big company and it helped us out a lot but I’d hope we wouldn’t need to sellout too much to have to do what reading have done .
  5. Middlesbrough123

    Jason kenny

    If he’s not already a sir Jason surely he soon will be what a race 😎👍🏅
  6. Middlesbrough123

    Inter Milan troubles

    Yet city continue with huge spend
  7. Middlesbrough123

    12 hr twitter ban

    For posting this 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. Middlesbrough123

    Spirit of 86 Can’t believe I haven’t seen it
  9. Middlesbrough123

    warnocks “ Jewel “

    Was anymore mentioned of this fella he was looking to bring in , surely he’s still in the cards ?
  10. Middlesbrough123

    Lisa shaw died of blood clot after covid jab

    What a nightmare 🙈
  11. Middlesbrough123

    Why are post getting deleted off here ?

    As above ?
  12. Middlesbrough123

    Champions league qualifying

    If an English club wins it does 5th spot go to 5th place ?
  13. Middlesbrough123

    Does any one get this advert popping up ?

    I’ve come to the. Conclusion I’m getting it because a lot of you lot are searching for this kind of gear 😉
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    Ready for a bargain

    Go to the range web site and type shaker cup in the search engine
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    How do you feel after covid ?

    Just curious how people feel after having covid and does it make you think you’d rather not have the vaccine now you’ve got some antibodies in you ?
  16. Middlesbrough123

    Poor football agents

    Looks like the huge transfer fees are dropping massively now . It does seem to be harming clubs from what I can see . Wel lose Britt for a lot less than what we paid, but look at what we have . Fisher coming in for £300k , bola and dijksteel coming in for low fees . Lots of frees across the...
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    We’re bad and we’re British

    Worth a watch 👍😎
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    Can we do it ??

    15 Pts to play for in January, how huge could that be ? 5 winnable games , ended with a tasty finish with Norwich. Could we really be on 51 Pts ? 🧐 Birmingham Forest Blackburn Rotherham Norwich ( I think this is still on )
  19. Middlesbrough123

    Songbird new film on Amazon

    It’s 2023 COVID 23 and the world is in its 4th yr of lock down . This might give us a glimpse into the future 😬 I haven’t watched it yet looks ok based on the clip 😎👍
  20. Middlesbrough123

    Sky stirring the pot

    Ski seem to do this a lot . It was mainly newspapers that did sort of thing but for tv channel with such a long reach that actually funds the game this does seem a bit sneaky and desperate to wind a fan base up .