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  1. Red_is_best

    Sky football in UHD

    Anybody else got this and think the picture quality is rubbish? I’ve recently subscribed to Sky Football and so disappointed in the 4K picture, it is hazy and lacking in clarity. Infact, the HD picture seems more like standard definition as well. Never had a problem with Sky’s other UHD...
  2. Red_is_best

    Jan Aage Fjørtoft’s tweet

    Aware that he has kept close association with the club and probably mere banter, but interesting that he should say this. Although publicly owned, NOF apparantly worth many billions.
  3. Red_is_best

    Inner London accent

    As spoken, for example, by Clinton Morrison on Sky ( or Skaay). I understand this way of speaking was created by young people over the last 15 years or so, but have no idea why it was or what it’s based on. It’s normal for languages and accents to evolve like this, but why is it so beloved by...
  4. Red_is_best

    Jan Aaga Fjortoft

    That’s who Josh Coburn reminded me of. Obviously younger and less physically developed, but hope he goes on to do as well.
  5. Red_is_best

    A case of mistaken identity and the Boro Bootboys

    In the early 70s, me and my mate went to the game v Portsmouth. Back then, it was a thing to tie a scarf round your wrist, and my mate (for reasons I didn’t know then and still can’t fathom) had a Glasgow Rangers silk scarf on his wrist. All was well in the match but, as we walked away from the...
  6. Red_is_best

    Ref Watch on Sky

    I was looking forward to hearing Dermot Gallagher’s take on Saturday. Guess what? Not a single mention, just total focus on meaningless premiership incidents. Disappointing.
  7. Red_is_best

    Who is this please?

    Does anybody know who the gent in the middle of back row in this photo is?
  8. Red_is_best

    Dog walkers

    Now, I realise many on here will love their dogs and, as owners, will be considerate to others, so this is in no way a generalisation. On a long walk today that happened to include a circuit of a reservoir - jeez, that bit was like a motorway for dog walkers. I know they have every right to be...
  9. Red_is_best

    What Boro mug do you use?

    Had many over the years, but this is current one. I can never use it on match days. To do so will mean defeat. Obviously
  10. Red_is_best

    Branthwaite’s assault

    Not seen or heard anything about retrospective action being taken against him. Has he got away with it?