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    Life after Steve Gibson

    With the Geordies being bought out .. another English team gone to foriegn owners .. it got me thinking about Boro. Steve Gibson can't go on forever .. at some point retirement or worse will come to pass .. and the club will need a new guiding hand .. Do we know if there are any provisions in...
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    JLS has arrived
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    MvB bid hijacked?

    Whoops ..
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    Boro Sign Olusanya
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    Fan Survey On Football Governance

    As promised as part of the fall out of Super League .. a government survey on football governance ..
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    Uchea Ikpeazu ... Official ..

    Signed ..
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    Pentagon UAP (UFO) report

    Towmorrow is the day that the Pentagon has to release an unclassified document containing the information they have on UAPs (... UFOs) .. this has all stemmed from the few video releases by the Pentagon over the last few years such as the "Tic-Tac" video which showed US Navy Pilots following and...
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    Chelsea Fans Protest ...

    Although it sounds like the Grange Hill Choir ..
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    Pausing The Match

    Does anybody know if you can pause the match on MFC and then have it play later? I'm taking the Mrs for her vax appointment for 1:40 (leaving the house about 12:45 - 1:00) and didn't realise the games have been moved to 12:30 due to Phils funeral .. so, I'm going to miss most of it .. If I...
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    Can we all chip £10 in ..

    .. and see if we can rustle up enough to buy Kebano in the summer?? Cracking little player ..
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    Name the old Riversiders

    Couple on here I can't quite get ....
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    Warnock on Britt .. Brutal Honesty ..

    You don't hear this type of stuff from modern managers - but you have to think it's part of his mind games with players ...
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    EFL Bailouts ..

    .. does anybody know if this ever got resolved? It seemed day after day that Covid was going to wreck and ruin EFL club finances and how 20 clubs could be bust before Christmas .. and then everything seems to have gone quiet. Did the PL give a payout? Did the government?
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    Trump Impeached .. Again

    I wonder if they'll get him this time ...
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    Season Suspended?

    Guy on sky news just said all Elite Sport must not continue .. or did I hear him wrong?
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    Britt Misses Empty Goal From 2 Yards

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    Oh dear ...

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    Souness on Big Jack at Boro

    10 minute interview with Souness on Off The Ball about Big Jack at Boro ..
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    Red Army TV podcast

    Good hour long podcast with Mikkel Beck and Jan Åge Fjørtoft talking about this charity match and Boro in general .. (on facebook .. so dunno if you need to be logged in)...
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    Message getting through?

    Just done a double up : My usual nightly power walk (might be my last if Boris is finally going to shut things down) .. and dropped a couple of tins of Big Soup into my mams en route .. And the streets were quiet. I won't say deserted - but no kids about (like I often see), barely any traffic...