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    Press Conference?

    When is the pre match press conference today? Strange not to have heard anything yet? Have they gone down early as it's a lunch time kick off?
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    Just read his interview from the Hartlepool Mail. I wonder why we were so keen for him to leave. Was it money or personal? He lays bare that Warnock wasn't involved. Mentions a new direction and the DoF. Interesting stuff.
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    Guess the player

    Who have the Boro blurred out here? Has to be a signing or someone training with us that hasn't been revealed?
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    Fulham game

    Tickets for home fans on sale tomorrow. Hopefully we will find out soon if we will be allowed any tickets. Fingers crossed.
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    Keith Lamb

    Just received a Companies House notification that Lamby is no longer a director of the Boro. An end of an era. I bet he could write a cracking book about the club since 1986. I for one hope he enjoys his retirement.
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    I won!

    Feels like Xmas. I won the season card upgrade for me and my son. I am so excited. And all from the Boro have been so nice about it. Such a nice prize and so well organised. Really looking forward to August now.