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  1. Middlesbrough123

    This is more like it

    Hopefully we can get into a habit of winning . It seems along time since we’ve won a good number of games on the bounce
  2. Middlesbrough123

    BBC Notts: Brian Laws "Havent seen Forest play like this in years" as they cruise above us.

    It’s not a bad time to go on a decent run out selves we’ve waited long enough for it
  3. Middlesbrough123

    So it wasnt the lurgy...

    Was talking to someone earlier , his girl friend got the. Lurgy then he developed all the symptoms. Yet all tests came back negative including blood test . I had the same but no blood test and came back negative. Makes me wonder how accurate these testes are .
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    I actually think McLaren would do an half decent job with this squad but I’d expect our next man not to be British .
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    Considering the type of players we’ve signed in the summer I wonder what type of manager our DOF has in mind to come in next
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    Tesla model y now available to order in the UK

    Lucid a competitor will cost you $160k in USA crazy money
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    Prince Andrew -Well that's a shock

    Tricky few yrs ahead for the royals, little Harry’s Gona take the mick in the yrs to come then come home after the divorce . It all seems predictable imo .
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    Could the Saudi deal see other owners leave

    This baffles me a bit , imagine giving an FA a brown envelope to look the other way it would obviously look dodgy . Do it in public and call it a fine then it’s all ok 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Could the Saudi deal see other owners leave

    I could see Arsenal getting sold to the Spotify owner soon. I could see Newcastle spend a ridiculous amount of money if there still bottom 3 in January.
  10. Middlesbrough123

    Could the Saudi deal see other owners leave

    All comes down to getting the right manager in from the start imo the wrong one can extend any good plans 2-3 yrs min .
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    Derby owe US investment group £15m

    If you look at the level of debt derby have you gives us an idea of what advantage they’ve gained over the clubs in the league. Maybe so,e of those other clubs could of been in the premier league now . Mike Ashley could be the best thing to happen to Derby right now the very opposite to Mel Morris .
  12. Middlesbrough123

    Could the Saudi deal see other owners leave

    It will be interesting to,see how they get on between now and January. Teams will probably be more geared up to beat them now so those players will now need to step up and show they not the relegation fodder they position suggests .
  13. Middlesbrough123

    Newcastle takeover .

    Atleast we can say if they win a trophy it was all bought not won 😬 Then if they win sweet fa it just add to the amusement. Conte or Jose next summer after Steve Bruce secures a creditable mid table position 😉
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    Championship league table

    These international breaks seam to **** me off nowadays . I never used see them S problem in the passed
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    Derby two wins on the bounce

    Woukd be amusing if we snuck into the playoffs by a point more than them 🤭
  16. Middlesbrough123

    Derby two wins on the bounce

    The full season will probably test their squad to much . One way or another I suspect they won’t survive .
  17. Middlesbrough123

    Joe Lumley deserves some respect

    He’s young for a keeper so Hel only get better . When we start scoring more Hel probably have less to do in those games aswell .
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    Absolutely bouncing

    Yeah kean as mustard
  19. Middlesbrough123

    Absolutely bouncing

    I thought big uche did great when he came in , he was only on 5 min and I’m sure he won two corners and a free kick, and who’d of thought playing last seasons top scorer might make the difference 😉 Watmore has to start as much as possible.
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    I joked warnock would prob blame the foreign lads…. Well today’s quotes

    I suppose the crowd reaction tomorrow will indicate the next step if we don’t get a result .