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    * The Unofficial "Official" Matchday Thread. Boro v Peterborough. Saturday 16th October *

    Amazing! It's like having Kevin Keegan in charge.
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    Get Back

    Brilliant fact unearthed by a friend of mine who did a lot of Rutles research... go to 40 seconds in this clip, the girls sitting on the roof. The girl in the red top is Cleo Rocos. The girl in the white top is Kim Wilde. I'd watched The Rutles over and over for decades without realising.
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    This day 32 years ago Boro hit Sheff Utd for 6

    I don't think so. It was the fag end of the era when some matches didn't have any TV cameras present, and I think that was one of them. I've definitely never seen the goals... which is a shame, as it's one of the few home matches in that era that I missed! I was 15 and skint, and decided I just...
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    The Haunted Generation... radio show for 1970s kids

    Oh, that'd be nice! Still got my old e-mail address or number? Neither have ever changed...
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    The Haunted Generation... radio show for 1970s kids

    To BBC Tees? Never say never, but no plans - sorry. It all feels quite a long time ago now!
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    The Haunted Generation... radio show for 1970s kids

    I've seen a couple of nice comments about my old radio stuff here recently*, which has been really nice - cheers. So I thought I'd shamelessly plug this, if anyone is interested? I write a lot about weird 1970s childhood stuff these days, so I've put together a couple of online radio shows...
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    Those who have not had the vaccine.

    This. I went on Thursday after seeing the link on here. No appointment, no queue, I was just asked whether it was my first or second jab. Choice of Pfizer and Astrazenica as well - take your pick. They like you to sit for 15 minutes afterwards to make sure you have no immediate reaction, but...
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    Devil's Bridge

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    The Smell of Water - Local Folklore/History Films

    Second film now up... Gavin and I visit Hob Hole on Baysdale Beck, a spot riddled with folklore. From the tale of the Giant's Lapstone to a fertility rite involving left shoes...
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    The Smell of Water - Local Folklore/History Films

    I think Rob posted this as part of the Local History Month promotions, but just in case... Teesside folklore and history-lover Gavin Parry and I have teamed up to make a little series of short films about the strange stories attached to the North York Moors. Thought it might interest a few...
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    Karanka just tweeted this

    Yeah, that's it for me. When your manager storms out after a bust-up six weeks before the end of a season when you're heading for automatic promotion, there's something going seriously wrong. Great that he actually came back and finished the job, but we should have drawn a line under it then.
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    Karanka just tweeted this

    I tend to think you need to hit the ground running when you've just been promoted. Run on adrenaline and rack your points up early. Once he returned after the big bust-up the previous season, I thought we should have agreed a bit of the old entente cordiale to get us promoted but then said...
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    Karanka just tweeted this

    We weren't that great. The first half of the season was Played 19, Won 4, Drawn 6, Lost 9. We only had five league wins that season, and two of them were against a Sunderland side that finished bottom. It's easily the most depressed I've been as a Boro fan, largely because I thought Karanka's...
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    What is This Tune? I Need to Know.

    It was 100% a piece of library music used on a TV car advert... I think Renault is right. I've asked Bernard about it a couple of times before.
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    Devil's Bridge in Acklam

    While I'm here... thought this might be of interest. It's a fun little investigation I wrote up, looking at the folklore attached to Devil's Bridge - the little stone bridge that crosses the beck from the Acklam Hall estate to Saltersgill. I went there every weekend as a kid in the 70s, and was...
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    FMTTM Footy / FC

    And they say the game has no characters any more...
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    FMTTM Footy / FC

    No mention yet of double act brothers regular_reader and bad_boy_bix? Can only ever remember bad_boy_bix going in goal - in full goalie's kit. He took his goalkeeping seriously, that lad.
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    FMTTM Footy / FC

    I have absolutely no memory of this at all, but maybe that's not surprising! It definitely sounds like the kind of thing I WOULD have done... Yeah, fun times. I think 2003/4 was probably when I was playing the most regularly... although I remember discussing the UEFA Cup games after one match...