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    Josh Laurent

    Rumours we are in for him. Don’t know much about the lad myself.
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    Who's the fella sat next to Bausor?

    Suave looking character on that pic of Hernandez at the match today.
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    How big a name is Juninho in Brazil?

    As the title suggests, Ive seen people jokingly say they hope Juninho has a word in Muniz' ear, but how well respected is the little fella over there do you reckon? Which English player would you suggest is similar in terms of stature (in name not size ;)) etc to the English public? Michael...
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    Time - BBC 1 New Series

    Did anyone watch it? Ended up watching all three episodes on the Iplayer. Absolutely brilliant.
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    U23s v Sunderland

    1-0 Boro Half-time. Cole Kiernan. Player sent off for Sunderland.
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    Kike scores against Barca!

    After Braithwaite had missed a penna too!
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    U23s v Sunderland

    Boro 4-0 up at half time!;1
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    Igor Cvitanović

    Was over the moon when we "signed' him even though I had never heard of him! The allure of those foreign names was something else back then!