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  1. Red_is_best

    Matt Crooks

    What I like about him is that he gets across to his man so quickly and, just as you think he is going to recklessly stick a foot in to give away a free kick (as our midfield has had a habit of doing) instead he holds off and presses to hold up the opponent and then makes a much more intelligent...
  2. Red_is_best

    So it wasnt the lurgy...

    Very best wishes, LJ. Get well soon.
  3. Red_is_best

    Djed Spence today

    Hahaha, so they can’t track the tracker ?!
  4. Red_is_best

    Sky football in UHD

    Anybody else got this and think the picture quality is rubbish? I’ve recently subscribed to Sky Football and so disappointed in the 4K picture, it is hazy and lacking in clarity. Infact, the HD picture seems more like standard definition as well. Never had a problem with Sky’s other UHD...
  5. Red_is_best

    Sporar the more I see the more I like

    😂 Yes, Vogue Korea, not something I’ve ever looked for! Do you think he comes on here?
  6. Red_is_best

    Ikpeazu still can't last a full game, but Jones did well

    That’s a bit harsh on Mikkel Beck. He was a very good and underrated player who created a lot of opportunities for his more illustrious partners with his unselfish movement
  7. Red_is_best

    So are we all confident about today’s game then

    This is Boro, our Boro and you know what we’re like, so Boro 3 Posh 0
  8. Red_is_best

    Steve Vickers

    This reminds me of when we played Derby away in 96/97. Steve was partnered at the back that day with his little known cousin, Nigel. At least he was according to the Derby programme that day🤣 We could and should have won that day and, had skipper Pearson played, probably would have. Just think...
  9. Red_is_best

    This site

    Thanks Rob.
  10. Red_is_best

    This site

    I’ve always been on Safari but it’s not an issue on iPad, just phone
  11. Red_is_best

    This site

    Is there an update on this please? It’s still an annoyance. Click on x to close bottom ad, then click main forum and it jumps so you click the original ad anyway! I know it was suggested to use the browser back button but that’s not really viable if you are half way though a multi-page thread.
  12. Red_is_best

    Money needed to retire

    Ok. From memory the website refers to the maximum you, as an individual, can get. That may be less than the maximum state pension which is £179 per week.
  13. Red_is_best

    Money needed to retire

    That’s interesting, thanks. I am no expert so guessing now: perhaps it depends on how many years you were contracted out before 2012 when SERPS ended? I was CO for over 35 yrs and my SP will be £15 per week less that the maximum - so about 3 yrs worth of NI contributions.
  14. Red_is_best

    Money needed to retire

    I don’t think state pension works like that. The number of years qualifies you for the basic (starting) amount but I believe paying reduced NI ( that is, being contracted out) will reduce the maximum SP you can get.
  15. Red_is_best

    What are you listening to today?

    Ah yes- she who does not do the things she should. Not many rock bands would do songs about Scottish witches. Liking your morning!
  16. Red_is_best

    Jumped on the Squid game bandwagon today

    Thought it might be something like that. Although pisz appears in the subs so not sure why more realistic terms can’t be used. Anyway, I shall rise above it now I know 😊
  17. Red_is_best

    Jumped on the Squid game bandwagon today

    I am Zorro. It’s the subtitle translations I’m on about.
  18. Red_is_best

    Jumped on the Squid game bandwagon today

    Yes, I’m hooked as well. Watched four episodes today. One thing though: do Koreans really say ‘gosh’, ‘my goodness’ and ‘darn’ all the time? I’m trying not to be irritated by it!
  19. Red_is_best

    Derrick Downing

    And me. Threw my bobble hat up in the air (as you did back then) when we scored. Never saw that hat again.