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    Worst missed sitter by a Boro player at The Riverside?

    Britt had a few.
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    Sporar - 13 goals to go

    Yep I agree but looked ok going down the tunnel. Fingers crossed etc
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    Payero tonight

    Payero is looking good, I just wish Tav would look up more and stop being so selfish when he's cutting in.
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    Sporar - 13 goals to go

    He didn't look to uncomfortable going down the tunnel. Hopefully he's ok
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    So it wasnt the lurgy...

    Hang in there.
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    Stewy D on Undr The Cosh

    I remember many times, the crowd singing Karanka's name, shame it went sour. I feel contributing factors were created by a manager not being backed by the club to the extent he wished and player power/losing the dressing room.
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    New Green Hydrogen Project

    So you think the 'World' can operate without the products of Oil and Gas for the foreseeable future ? I like the idea of Gov'ts incentivising industry to produce new greener technologies. These companies have a lot of people with transferable skills and knowledge along with their service...
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    Penalty Kick Shenanigans

    Exactly, hence my comment that common sense prevailed. McNair took charge and put it away well.
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    Get Tavs brother here

    He is improving, slowly I grant you but a work in progress is 'our' Tav.
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    Penalty Kick Shenanigans

    Yes there was a lot of 'gamesmanship' going on and good to see that Tav was up for taking the penalty, common sense prevailed. I could hardly watch the pen, we deserved that. I missed the second by a few seconds, wanted to miss the que to get out, so watched balls going to their corners to play...
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    Neil Warnock Not Interested In Robbie Brady And Blames Agent For Burnley Exit [Balls.Ie] !

    More than likely playing Premiership footie next season with his new club.
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    One Boro ITK claims Neil is off

    I agree, players who don't stand around, put a shift in and cover the pitch.
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    One Boro ITK claims Neil is off

    That is what happens when someone is coming to the end of a good career, you look back when prompted by a question or when someone maybe makes reference to his previous teams. That is respectful, It's a nod to the past, that's all. Lets be honest here, there has been some blooming awful...
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    Went to Malta with my wife before we were married 38 years ago and before Covid hit. Still has a lot of charm, character and of course the history. Went to St Julians and found the same harbour restaurant we dined in all those years ago but behind the typical Maltese house around the shore line...
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    Fuel shortage

    I know the base player/songwriter from the A.N.L . Not my taste musically, but he is a top bloke and doesn't hold back with his true feelings.
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    Fuel shortage

    Go into any Shell forecourt and you can understand why over stressed individuals can pick up the 'Super Unleaded' nozzle instead of the 'Super Diesel' in spite of the guns being colour coded. Give the marketing boys a big fat medal.
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    A reminder last night.

    Why I enjoy watching the footie live. Pressed them from the off, never letting them settle. Bouncing around like a bunch of kids we were as the goals went in. Credit to the Sheff Utd fans in the north stand sat near us who took the loss with dignity, knowing their team had been well and truly...
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    Time to start making partnerships.

    Samba, as soon as you said 'the easiest partnerships is a two , as married couples know' you lost me....
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    Crooks red card rescinded

    Video replays are a must if these poor decisions are to be negated. Surely it can be provided at Championship level. I'd be far happier knowing the decision was made after a second look. What happened to only the captain approaching the ref, players still bullying the refs into making decisions.
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    Chris Hughton

    I thought he did a good job at Newcastle and was given the boot, after that he's struggled in the Champo. Not for me