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    Happy Birthday Ian Rush - 60 today

    I always remember being driven by my dad and seeing out of the corner of my eye a Gazette billboard declaring "Rush for Boro ..." .... Wow! I ran out and got a Gazette .. already dreaming of the goals the Scouse legend would score for the Mighty Boro .. I quickly turned to the back page and...
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    Lesser known great TV series on Amazon/Netflix

    I'll second Ted Lasso. I'm midway through the second series .. Started watching Foundation on Apple TV too (deviates from the books in a big way but three episodes in and although a little slow, has promise) Also currently watching Squid Game and Black Summer (zombies) on Netflix .. One to...
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    Is Playing crooks up top really benefiting sporar

    Crooks looked better early on in the season when somebody else was the focal point and him running off them .. I think NW has to find a way for Uche, Sprorar and Crooks to be in the same 11
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    Dodgy Refs??

    Apparently, he's had the same Referees kit for the last 20 years .. deserves a medal for something like that
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    Fill in the missing blank

    Which was the one that said all Newcastle lasses were dogs?
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    Life after Steve Gibson

    We're 16th according to this page :
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    Life after Steve Gibson

    It's not really a question of whether we could or would .. it's wether we would need to if we wanted any sort of flirtation at the top table in the years / decades ahead .. The Premier League, and the money that goes with it, isn't going away anytime soon .. More and more clubs are going to be...
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    Life after Steve Gibson

    With the Geordies being bought out .. another English team gone to foriegn owners .. it got me thinking about Boro. Steve Gibson can't go on forever .. at some point retirement or worse will come to pass .. and the club will need a new guiding hand .. Do we know if there are any provisions in...
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    Newcastle takeover .

    All completed now .. the only good thing that's going to come out of this is 55,000 Geordies calling for the board to be sacked come the end of the season because they haven't won the Premier League.
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    Pfizer booster safe if originally had Oxford AZ?

    I'm pretty sure it will have been tested ..
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    Jon Venables

    Breaking out on Twitter
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    When did you start to think about dying?

    Almost daily .. I'm trying to "come to terms" with it before I get there .. I don't want my last 3 months to be full of sadness and / or anger when it comes .. I'd rather try and deal with it now so I can face my final experience of life with the same attitude as I do with every other experience...
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    New head of Sport Science

    I saw her in the background of one of the preseason videos working with what looked like the U23s .. might have been on Payero's first video actually
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    The next James Bond

    He looks bigger .. :) ..
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    The next James Bond

    Underwhelming if so .. but, without being accused of height-ism .. he's too small surely? Isn't he about 5'6" or something? Surely Bond should be a big 6 foot tall strapping lad .. The Bond girls will tower over Jamie Bell. If he's up for it - I'd go Tom Hardy
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    One Boro ITK claims Neil is off

    Peltier, Bamba, Crooks, Olysuna, Lumley, Daniels, Uche, Watmore, Ameobi, Fisher, Hernandez (maybe) ... Akpom (status unknown) ... There's more or less a full team of Warnock players .. But because he's been handed 2 or 3 extra it's being claimed it's not his squad? Don't be silly
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    Sad to watch our demise under Warnock

    I think that ship has sailed for Warnock .. ;)
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    Sad to watch our demise under Warnock

    Warnock is good at putting together .. I don't mean this to be unfair .. "glorified pub teams" .. a team of hard workers and grafters who work hard, get in your face with an up and at 'em style of play ... and it's worked well in the past at championship level but he's always struggled in the...
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    Probably ..
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    Sadly, though, Jones seems to have stopped doing what he did in those first few games .. seems to now want to turn back and pass inside rather than take his man on ..