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    Defence Decimated

    What has he got right this season out of interest? My biggest gripe is his constant criticism of certain players in public. For any manager to do that and get away with it is terrible. There is no excuse for that. Must be horrible for the players.
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    Has anyone been to Chalfort & Latimer?

    Used to work in Rickmansworth. Amazed these places are on the tube but it's a great service. Very leafy suburbs if not more like countryside. Not so much posh as just very wealthy.
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    Chairman's drink

    I've had this issue this season. They seem to have sorted it now. Happened because we moved areas I think and got new cards. Wasn't activated properly.
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    matt crooks

    I have a mug given me by a former boss that says I'm always right. So you're wrong😄
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    matt crooks

    See this is weird. I do like him but last night I saw him contribute nothing at all. An odd one.
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    matt crooks

    Not sure why I focused so much on him last night. Will track someone else next game. Howson perhaps😄 Being part of a winning team is huge and he managed that.
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    matt crooks

    Indeed a different view. From my view on the halfway line he seemed slow and ponderous and sometimes literally running away from the play. His passing was dreadful. Against Blackpool for their 2nd goal I asked my son what Crooks was doing as he literally strolled across the penalty area away...
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    matt crooks

    As a one off game Crooks was poor tonight. He won 1 header all night very late on. He looked like he didn't know where he was playing. And looked knackered. Which probably explains him having an off night.
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    Realistically what do you think he’ll change for the sheff u game

    I think it should be this Lumley McNair Hall Fry Howson Payero Siliki Bola Sporar. Uche Tavernier It won't be but I like that team. Jones can come on for Bola if need be. Crooks for Uche. Watmore for Sporar or Tav. Peltier to cover the back 3 with Bamba...
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    Press Conference?

    Cool. I'm off work today so probably paying more attention.
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    Press Conference?

    Wow, the website summary is the briefest ever. Dijksteel out for a while, Bola and Paddy might be back. Literally 3 sentences. Were you there Rob? Was it different in any way? It feels like something is going on. Probably just my Boro spidy senses working overtime.
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    Press Conference?

    Nothing anywhere about what was said. Any reason Rob? Normally there is a summary on the website.
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    Press Conference?

    When is the pre match press conference today? Strange not to have heard anything yet? Have they gone down early as it's a lunch time kick off?
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    Is anyone with Octopus energy

    I'm with Octopus and on the most environmentally friendly package. Have over £300 I'm credit but that's to be ready for winter usage. 3 of us in the house all day so heating and WFH home expenses will be huge.
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    Warnock - best way to get familiar with Championship is to play games

    I think he's been told to play them and not wait until he thinks they are ready.
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    Andraž Šporar

    From what I saw Siliki will be playing the balls through to Sporar. Whether Warnock lets that happen is another matter.
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    What is the formation here

    Watching at the game I had no idea what the formation was. The players looked lost. They didn't seem to have any idea what the tactics were. They had 2 weeks to work on it. Terrible.
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    Trouble after the Game

    Couldn't understand why they forced us to walk all the way round the coaches to our car right outside the exit. Was asking for trouble. And then keeping everyone penned in Tue car park for 40 minutes was bonkers.
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    Just read his interview from the Hartlepool Mail. I wonder why we were so keen for him to leave. Was it money or personal? He lays bare that Warnock wasn't involved. Mentions a new direction and the DoF. Interesting stuff.
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    Marc Bola charged for comments made when he was 14 on social media

    It's interesting that there is no mention on the FA website of the charge, but there is for an academy coach who has been placing bets back to 2014.