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  1. HarryVegas

    Gove harassed on the street

    I'm obviously slow on the uptake!
  2. HarryVegas

    55 years ago this morning...

  3. HarryVegas

    Gove harassed on the street

    No it doesn't. I liked it because I don't believe he's a good person, but also because it says the opposite of what you suggest it says.
  4. HarryVegas


    To be honest, I don't follow styles of writing, so have no idea at all if you are new to this place or are returning. If you are new, welcome, I hope you enjoy it. If you are a returning poster using a new name, what name did you use previously?
  5. HarryVegas

    Gove harassed on the street

    This thread has been misread, as I thought it might be. So just to be clear, and to repeat what I said at the very top, he doesn't deserve it. Nobody does. A mob has been deliberately stoked and allowed to fester. It's not nice, it's a frightening state of affairs and I don't know where we go...
  6. HarryVegas

    Gove harassed on the street

    I don't think anyone here thinks he does deserve it.
  7. HarryVegas

    Musicport Festival

    This weekend at Whitby Pavilion. Anyone on here going?
  8. HarryVegas

    Posting a thread/reply

    Immediately, unless the poster has been a naughty boy...
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    Gove harassed on the street

    I agree. We live in frightening times. Mobs do not listen to reason and I fear this country is on a knife edge.
  10. HarryVegas

    Gove harassed on the street

    I've already said he doesn't deserve it. But when senior members of the government make it ok to openly lie and encourage the disbelieving of scientific truth in the plain light of day, what do they think will happen?
  11. HarryVegas

    Gove harassed on the street a mob of anti-vaxxers. He doesn't deserve it and they're idiots obviously, but am I alone in thinking he's kind of brought it on himself? I mean, he himself infamously said in the lead up to the Brexit vote that we've had enough of experts, and the government have been dog-whistling the...
  12. HarryVegas

    Tonight's Who Do You Think You Are -Judy Dench

    Need to catch up with it. She's bloody marvellous and should marry Sir David Attenborough forthwith!
  13. HarryVegas

    So it wasnt the lurgy...

    Very best wishes for successful treatment and a swift recovery, mate.
  14. HarryVegas

    Covid: "UK’s worst ever public health failures’:1000s unnecessary lost lives [Media]

    Sad but predictable. Clap them on the doorsteps, then refuse them a payrise and work them till they break.
  15. HarryVegas

    Just thought I'd leave this here and watch.....

  16. HarryVegas

    Just thought I'd leave this here and watch.....

    Rosslyn Chapel
  17. HarryVegas

    RIP Colin Powell

    That's sad. The one sensible, moderating voice in GWB's administration, I suspect because he knew what it was like being at war. RIP.
  18. HarryVegas

    Have to laugh at the stick Lineker and Gary Neville get on social media/Twitter

    So no public airing of views just because someone has been successful and made a few bob, then? So Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Johnny Cash, the great Paul Robeson and a long, long line of people who have sung fantastic songs on behalf of the dispossessed and victimised should have all just shut up...
  19. HarryVegas

    What are we all reading?

    Having read Max Porter's Lanny, I went back to his first book, Grief Is The Thing With Feathers, which I went through in a couple of days. It's a very short but beautifully written story of a bereaved father of two boys and their journey through the process and out the other side.
  20. HarryVegas

    Where does the James Bond franchise go from here? (spoilers!)

    I grew up with Moore and was formerly of the opinion that Connery was the man, but Craig is streets ahead of any of them. He's the only one who looks fit enough and ruthless enough to do the job. I seem to recall Moore once knocking out a bad guy by kicking him up the a**e!