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    Harry Dunns Parents settled out of court

    Their choice of course but she has got away with it.
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    Scottish Football

    Is it the worst it's ever been? Celtic beaten by the mighty Livingston and Rangers held at home by Motherwell. There was a time when you could argue the 'big two' would hack it in the Prem but now I think they'd struggle in the Championship.
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    Hunt Death

    Who the hell would put a 2 year old on a horse to hunt!!!!!!! Regardless on your opinion on hunting surely it's a tragic accudent waiting to happen?
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    Nadine Dorries new Culture Secretary

    It's the stuff of dreams for sketch writers. Come on....... even for Boris it's outrageous. Culture my F***ing ****! Some choice titbits............... Quoted Tommy Robinson Was criticised in February 2019 after she said that journalist Ask Sakar and former Labour candidate Faiza Shaheen...
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    Unvaccinated staff to be paid for sitting in their cars

    OK what else are they gonna do? "Frontline Staff" to me means nurses and doctors, carers and cleaners. What else will they do? Just send them home without pay.
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    Its wine now!

    Wetherspoons and McDonalds I can put up with........... but a wine shortage!!!! Well done Brexit voters :mad:
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    Get massively bad press. the pieces that Louis Theroux has done on them are pretty shocking. Tom Cruise is a headline Scientologist and yet he seems a decent guy? His helicopter dropped into my local a couple of months ago and the staff said he was an absolute gent, no selfie was too much, And...
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    Words fail me....... nearly

    Is this just a **** take? Why on earth wasnt he prosecuted for either sheer stupidity or wasting police time?
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    Your favourite European people and why.

    Greeks. Never met a grumpy one. Always happy, so laid back, beautiful woman, and fiddling their taxes is a national hobby 😁
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    The obese

    Sorry but it appears you can't blame your metabolism any more
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    Makes me spew Drew $10 million from a Company over 2 1/2 years for part time work while it was going under. Utter filthy greed.
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    Peps about £50mil away from spending a billion. FFP is a complete farce. Unless you're a big boy.
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    Medal Count - North East rock bottom

    Is this another reflection of the lack of investment in our area? I'd say yes.
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    Has it gone?
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    No sense of humour.....

    .....and taking offence easily. Must be awful. Seriously, imagine being constantly on the alert to see ill in everything you hear or read. Is it a reflection of how happy, content, confident or sad you are in your life or is it more a personality trait that you're born with? There's a very...
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    People that dye their hair black

    or blonde and have a grey beard. Whats all that about? 😱
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    Attn The Clique

    FYI the password to the secret board has been changed due to a security breach.. You've been inboxed with the details.
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    Why is this man getting released?

    Raped and murdered two girls. As far as I'm concerned he forfeited his freedom when he carried out these horrific crimes. Imagine being a relative of one of those poor girls! He should rot in prison for rest of his life with no hope of release. Double rape and murder
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    Can ruin your finances for the rest of your life
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    Wireless CCTV

    Already have an alarm system fitted inside but looking for a CCTV system for outside. Can't be chewed with the chew of loads more cables, anyone got a wireless CCTV system? Are they effective and how long do battieries last?