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  1. Zoophonic

    Two New Tube Stations Opened Today

    On the Northern Line extension - Nine Elms and Battersea Power Station.
  2. Zoophonic

    Another Fine Football Mural

    Love this. Graham Taylor mural honours ex-Watford manager
  3. Zoophonic

    Duncan Scott

    I suspect very few had heard of him before the Olympics. He has become the first British man or woman to win four medals at a single Olympics. Fantastic stuff.
  4. Zoophonic

    Olympics - Team GB v Chile

    GB Olympics about to get under way with the womens team in Sapporo.
  5. Zoophonic

    Something Nice to Fall Asleep To

    I have got into the habit of listening to a Desert Island Discs podcast every night before falling asleep. Such a relaxing way to end the day. Anyway this particular one is special. Some lovely memories and stories to make you smile. Bob Mortimer on Desert Island Discs...
  6. Zoophonic

    Aussie F1 Grand Prix Canned

    Won’t take place in November cutting the season short.
  7. Zoophonic

    Gold Rush - Chase for Olympic Glory

    Watching interesting series of how we made an assault on the medals table after our disastrous showing in Atlanta.
  8. Zoophonic

    Question about Vacuum Cleaners

    Why don't they have headlights on them anymore?
  9. Zoophonic

    England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 v 🇩🇪 Germany

    Am old enough and probably lucky enough to remember watching as a kid the World Cup final in 1966. My emotions even then at such a young age were up and down. West Germany scoring early on through “Porky” Haller Geoff Hurst equalising almost immediately and then Martin Peters putting us on the...
  10. Zoophonic

    Netherlands 🇳🇱 v 🇦🇹 Austria

    Some good goals in this match but Austria have been asking questions of Dutch defence in last 10 mins. Like the look of the lad Dumfries.
  11. Zoophonic

    “Hopeless Hancock”

    Sounds like the nickname of a boxing character in a Norman Wisdom film. Anyway Hopeless is being exonerated apparently from lying...
  12. Zoophonic

    England vs NZ Second Test

    Steady start if a little slow. Lots of changes to line ups. NZ 7 changes!
  13. Zoophonic

    France Impose Restrictions on UK Visitors
  14. Zoophonic

    Cricket Fans - New Stands at Lord’s

    New Compton and Edrich stands look good.
  15. Zoophonic

    No Travelling Barmy Army at the Ashes this Winter

    Looking more likely.
  16. Zoophonic

    Thumbing through my Old Programmes Last Night

    I realised my first ever football match I went to was 56 years ago to the very day!! it wasnt a Boro game though. My dad took me to Hillsborough to watch the Busby Babes play Wednesday. Charlton, Law and Best and look who was at CF for Wednesday! And whilst United won the League that season...
  17. Zoophonic

    So Farewell Kananga Again

    Roger Moore’s Bond adversary Kananga/Mr Big, ie actor Yaphet Kotto has passed aged 81.
  18. Zoophonic

    Beware the Ides of March

    It is that day when you take care and watch your back! And in lockdown the wife or kids could be behind to pounce!
  19. Zoophonic

    The Football Index Collapses owing Millions

    Anybody used this platform at all? Was plugged heavily by John Motson in ads on Talksport. Seems like it turned out to be a giant ponzi scheme.
  20. Zoophonic

    Barnsley - Championship Quality Exemplified