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  1. dooderooni

    Wycombe considering legal action

    It's an absolute mess, but I do have some sympathy for the EFL as they had to fulfil the fixture requirements for the new season. The problem came about by Derby fighting the charges and thereby forcing the delay of the punishment into this season. Had Derby accepted the punishment and not...
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    So have we just given up even pretending to care about the virus now

    Social distancing, much better hygiene and masks stopped the flu dead in its tracks. We should still be doing 2 of those and I can tell you from my own experience at work that decent hygiene has left the building as a one-off novelty with some people.
  3. dooderooni

    So have we just given up even pretending to care about the virus now

    If we run into winter with these sort of figures then, from my layman's point of view, we'll be in for a rough time as Covid infects people alongside the normal winter ailments such as bronchitis, pneumoniae and other chest and respiratory issues. It seems like we'd given up once 'Freedom Day'...
  4. dooderooni

    Imperial Weights and Measures - Another fantastic Brexit Bonus!

    I'm over 50 and would hate having to go back to imperial measurements. Christ knows how it'd affect the younger generations.
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    14 to go Andrez

    It's the sort of goal we've struggled to score in general. When you have a player who's prepared to run in behind then you can play balls through for them safe in the knowledge that they'll contest them. We've missed a striker with the pace and nous to do that.
  6. dooderooni

    Yet another right wing radio host dies of Covid

    It's an interesting, if not wholly baffling situation that exists in the US within the Republican and Far Right circles. You do have the outright loons such as this bloke, Taylor Greene, Bobaert and the like and then you have the likes of McCarthy and deSantis who are generally intelligent...
  7. dooderooni

    Californian invents time machine

    Larry Elder, the Republican challenger to California Governor Gavin Newsome, has invented a time machine which allowed his website to detect fraudulent voting in an election which hasn't even taken place ;) We might have a bunch of untruthful, robbing b***ds in government here, but the US is...
  8. dooderooni

    NFL opening weekend

    Can't believe we lost that game at Arrowhead. Self inflicted though with the holding penalty as we went for a closer fg kick and the punt fumble. Only watched the highlights on my break, but the Browns looked good and I think the Chiefs will count themselves lucky
  9. dooderooni

    Vaccine Passports on the way

    I'm obviously cynical, but this smacks more of the "optics" than public health. If we still have high case numbers and hospital admissions in a few months then you'll know it'll be added to the long list of "things we should have done earlier".
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    1st set in the bag. Sadly I'll have to watch the highlights during my break as I'm just about to start work.
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    Why not provide some links Evil?
  12. dooderooni

    *The earlier-than-usual unofficial "Official" Coventry v Boro Matchday thread*

    Though I'd give the new Opera Scores app a go today. Imagine my surprise when I saw the subs bench. Squad looks a bit thin if Neil is naming himself :)
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    If we want to beat the pandemic and regain all of these precious freedoms that everyone keeps banging on about then we need to vaccinate enough people to reach herd immunity. The virus is constantly mutating and immunity, be it natural or via vaccine, wanes over time so we likely won't reach...
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    Feedback on new site thread

    Since yesterday, the forum has been displaying at about 60% of the screen width on my Android 11 phone. Tried various different browsers and all are showing the same issue.
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    Covid: No plans for October lockdown, says government

    So you admit we didn't have a strictly enforced lockdown then? If we had reacted earlier to the threat, had a proper lockdown and limited the spread and then had an effective t&t system to control flare ups then we would all be in a much happier and safer position. As it is, we did none of the...
  16. dooderooni

    Covid: No plans for October lockdown, says government

    And you seem to have a basic lack of English comprehension if you can quote and then respond to my post in that way. What part of "We need to find a way, together as a society, where we both drive down infection numbers AND avoid lockdowns." did you not read? The fact that we can't just return...
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    9pm our time tomorrow.
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    Absolutely brilliant achievement from both women to reach the final and both now have a chance to cement their places in sporting history As far as Emma goes, I hope she has a team of good people around her who have her best interests as their sole priority. The media, not just sports media...
  19. dooderooni

    Covid: No plans for October lockdown, says government

    Don't stop posting Adi. Don't stop standing up for your beliefs either. As far as I can see, nothing offensive or abhorrent was posted on this thread and we can all choose to read or not read other people's opinions.
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    Tour of Britain - Great Orme

    I think there's huge scope for some UK one day races. We might not have the biggest hills in the world, but we certainly have some really challenging terrain. You only need to look at the Strade Bianche to see that a new event on the right course can quickly establish itself as a big part of the...