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  1. Zoophonic

    Who Saw The Chase This Evening?

    That's sad. Seemed a nice character.
  2. Zoophonic

    Two New Tube Stations Opened Today

    On the Northern Line extension - Nine Elms and Battersea Power Station.
  3. Zoophonic

    Premiership Rugby is Back

    Saracens are back 👍👍👍👍
  4. Zoophonic

    Derby escape 9 point deduction

    Feel sorry for the fans genuinely but not the owners who have managed the Club appallingly. I also feel sorry for Wycombe and their supporters and they should be rightfully very aggrieved.
  5. Zoophonic

    Levelling up? Gove revealed Tories real views of Northeners.

    Exactly why the Telegraph are headlining this today.
  6. Zoophonic

    The Changing Style of Billie Eilish

    I see Lewis Hamilton was parading along the catwalk in NY less than 2 days after that crash. I presume he was given a special dispensation visa to enter USA although not sure the Met Gala is worth two flights from Italy to nay then NY to Russia for the next race.
  7. Zoophonic

    Anyone think it feels similar to the end of Mogga’s tenure?

    I dont think it matters one bit if one or two have knives out for a manager. That will always happen with his personality. In general the good feel factor of his appointment was as good as any manager given the job in the last 20 years. He will be given more time. Lets hope he can get the...
  8. Zoophonic

    Tour of Britain - Great Orme

    Nice moment from tour of Britain today.
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  10. Zoophonic


    Did not age well these comments.
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    Whatever happens tonight she has become what you call a new sensation in British sport. A grounded intelligent family focussed teenager from Bromley. Good luck to her tonight.
  12. Zoophonic

    US Open final live on Channel 4 tonight

    As long as C4 don’t draft in Andrew Castle to commentate it is great news.
  13. Zoophonic

    All Canadian Women's Single Final'

    Friday night fishing. Such bad sport.
  14. Zoophonic

    Parking at Reading

    I’ve always been prepared to walk about 15 mins. Plenty of on street parking at Factory Drive S off Basingstoke Rd. Callington Rd is where we last parked for free. It’s an easy walk and excellent get away to motorway.
  15. Zoophonic

    Onel Hernandez rumoured to be out

    Where did they say it. A tweet, their website?
  16. Zoophonic

    Onel Hernandez rumoured to be out

    If it’s true and he was in full training with the lads yesterday their might be a number of staff and players dropping with Covid over the next few days.
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    Don’t forget this one.
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    The first qualifier to reach a GS Final ever. Incredible
  19. Zoophonic

    Biannual World Cup

    i respect Wenger as a football coach and expert but can’t help be suspicious that he lives half his time in the Middle East working regularly for a TV company based there apart from his FIFA duties. It’s a money culture that pervades through all decisions made. He is massively off track with this.