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  1. InglebyUTB

    Service on the concourses

    I missed the first two games with work and holiday so I have no idea what it was like then, but queues in the east stand on Saturday were ridiculous. Got there at 2pm and got served ok. Come 2:30 there was no chance. Daughter wanted something to eat at half-time so we came down about the 40th...
  2. InglebyUTB

    Fulham ticket details?

    Surely released in the next 24 hours? They're cutting it a bit fine now, people need to know whether they have tickets to organise travel and accommodation.
  3. InglebyUTB

    Labour Members Poll - 69% say Burnham would be a better leader

    Some interesting figures here
  4. InglebyUTB

    Life isn't fair - Scotland have to train in Middlesbrough

    Where do you even start with smug, condescending idiots like this?
  5. InglebyUTB

    Holidays in 2022 - Anyone booked theirs?

    Hoping to go to Florida next year. With everything that has happened I'm expecting a surge of bookings the closer we get with 2 years of pent-up demand, so it would be nice to get booked before things get silly and places sell-out. Question is consumer confidence. Has anyone already booked...
  6. InglebyUTB

    Wow. Latest Hartlepool polling...

  7. InglebyUTB

    Would you be in favour of COVID passports to get back in the Riverside?

    Seems like this is the direction of travel
  8. InglebyUTB

    Hartlepool Constituency Poll

  9. InglebyUTB

    What is the point of Keir Starmer? After a year, we still don't know.

    Article in the Guardian today. I think he's done ok but if Labour fail to perform in the local elections he is in for a tough summer.
  10. InglebyUTB

    Labour to oppose Conservative corporation tax rises

    Whats the idea behind this then?🤔
  11. InglebyUTB

    Johnson praises Rashford for "effective opposition"

    "He is doing quite an effective job in comparison to the Right Honourable Gentleman in holding the government to account.” Odd that he's using this as an attack line😄
  12. InglebyUTB

    Man City in midtable and already off the pace

    What's going on there?
  13. InglebyUTB

    When do you think fans will be allowed back into stadiums?

    Do you think the prospect of the vaccine makes it anymore likely we'll be back this season? If so will it be socially distanced? No away fans?
  14. InglebyUTB

    London Tourism/Pubs/Restaurants

    Know many of you live in the capital. What's it like down there at the moment? Obviously face coverings required on public transport etc. Every year me and the Mrs go to London and have a weekend in a hotel and just go around the bars, restaurants, etc. Do you reckon it would be worth doing...
  15. InglebyUTB

    Train fares to rise 1.6% in January despite passenger slump

    Train fares are fast becoming one of the biggest barriers to social mobility and economic recovery. An overhaul of this broken system is long overdue. Train Fares to rise 1.6%