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    Harry Dunns Parents settled out of court

    Assange and?
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    Harry Dunns Parents settled out of court

    Yes very sad. I don't believe for a minute they were both in intelligence and that for her to return it would have been a security risk. Friends in high places.
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    Harry Dunns Parents settled out of court

    Their choice of course but she has got away with it.
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    Is anyone with Octopus energy

    Octopus. I like the fact you can speak to a grown up who will answer any questions quickly without fuss
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    Teesside airport £10m bailout while operator departs

    Nationalisation doesn't work.
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    Ken Loach expelled from the Labour Party

    Corbyn was Left. Left didn't work. People won't support Left Wing politics and policies in the UK, certainly not in numbers to have an impact at the polls. It's an ideal that has passed society by. The 'working man' is simply not interested. Capatalism selfishness and greed have well and truely...
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    This site

    Same. Sometimes it just won't load.
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    Ken Loach expelled from the Labour Party

    Not that it was ever needed but this thread just demonstrates how divisive Corbyn was and is to the Labour Party. Best thing to happen to the Torys in decades.
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    Anger, hate, jealousy, revenge

    And those are the kind of stories that he needs to be told. I was engaged many years ago and she dumped me. She's by herself now after two failed marriages and can't keep the minge to one man at a time. Has 3 kids to 3 different blokes and when she left me she had an abortion without telling...
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    Scottish Football

    I just don't see that tbh. They might hold their own but I don't see them being outstanding I don't see any really outstanding players?
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    Ronaldo's brought his diving game back I see

    See Messi got subbed. I know who I'd rather have in my team.
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    Scottish Football

    Think they'd get into the England team?
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    Scottish Football

    Nah I think the big two are getting worse and its not a case of the others catching up. There's also been a steady decline over the years of the individual quality players. I can't think of a single scot that might get remotely close to England's bench. Transfer business is very slow as well...
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    Scottish Football

    Is it the worst it's ever been? Celtic beaten by the mighty Livingston and Rangers held at home by Motherwell. There was a time when you could argue the 'big two' would hack it in the Prem but now I think they'd struggle in the Championship.
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    The Pundits rarely get it wrong and most went for Chelsea. Hard to argue against it. Happy that Abramovich can't watch them live.
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    Hunt Death

    I take your points and Priv and Disco7 and agree about not punishing the parents but I still think the Master should be held to account. I live in the country and I'm not an 'anti' mainly because it supports a helluva lot of jobs. But they are a law unto themselves.... some of the stuff that...
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    Hunt Death

    Not sure the police will do anything about it and maybe that's right? But you're right the Hunt have to carry a degree of responsibility and certainly the Master who is 'responsible for the overall management and conduct of the hunt'
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    Hunt Death

    Who the hell would put a 2 year old on a horse to hunt!!!!!!! Regardless on your opinion on hunting surely it's a tragic accudent waiting to happen?
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    Utter Bull

    I was in the Roral Courts of Justice on a business case and next door the case was about WWF. The World Wildlife Fund were suing the World Wrestling Federation over using WWF. WTF! Why couldn't they both just use it! £100sK spent on bullshyte. The Worls Wildlife won btw.
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    * The Unofficial "Offical" Boro v Blackpool Match-day Thread *

    A relegation 6 pointer we lost :mad: