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  1. festa5

    Wycombe considering legal action

    And this doesn't excuse it one iota, but if there wasn't such a ludicrous gap between the obscene money in the PL compared to the rest of the league, owners wouldn't be tempted to bet the farm gambling on promotion.
  2. festa5

    Mel Morris Interview

    I'd by lying if I said I took no pleasure from it. A lot of their fans attitude towards us and Gibson has been smug and patronising despite the fact it was fairly obvious he had a case and they were at the very least bending the rules significantly to the point most neutrals would describe it as...
  3. festa5

    Johnson admits to fathering 6 children

    Surely there must be at least one labour MP somewhere who has fathered at least half a dozen sprogs and cheated on 2 wives so the Boris fanboys can sleep soundly thinking "they're all as bad each other".
  4. festa5

    At one point yesterday we had around 30% possession at home

    I doubt it. He's had the success he's had playing a very specific way. It's in your face, low risk and very direct. When it works and he has the right players for it, I imagine it's a nightmare to play against. Players and managers comment on it quite a lot. Teams aren't used to facing man to...
  5. festa5

    What the British Public has noticed re consequences of Brexit

    Yes, theoretically, if enough MPs vote for it. It obviously isn't going to happen though. Hope it was worth it to "get brexit done". To be fair many people were just sick of hearing about it apparently. Wonder how that's worked out for them?
  6. festa5

    What the British Public has noticed re consequences of Brexit

    To be fair many have. And respect to those who have, it's hard to admit you were wrong. Even more so when you were told repeatedly you were being taken for fools. In many cases in perhaps not the most diplomatic way either (which didn't help). But yeah plenty are still either taken in by...
  7. festa5

    Scottish Football

    Aye. Didn't Strachen try this with us pretty much? How did that work out? Smash the league my ****.
  8. festa5

    Neil Critchley - blackpool manager.

    The game is moving on. While you can still have success with the old school "hairdryer treatment" type management, I think it's on the way out. Yes, a lot of players are young kids, often from rough backgrounds and there's probably a place for discipline to a point. But they're also elite...
  9. festa5

    Ronaldo's brought his diving game back I see

    Cop out for me that. They might all cheat to a point (time wasting, appealing for decision etc) but some are far worse than others. It's like defending Boris Johnson by saying all politicians lie. Ronaldo is a bigger cheat than most footballers. That doesn't excuse others who cheat, but it...
  10. festa5

    Coulson and Spence

    I'm not having this "deals fell through" excuse. Other clubs wait till they've got players in before releasing first teamers on loan. If that's what's happened it's incredibly naive from us. Again.
  11. festa5

    Coulson and Spence

    This. it's not ideal, but if the u23 first choice right back/left back can't do a better job there than Tavernier I'd be very surprised. There's at least a couple in their 20s too, so it's not like throwing a 17\18 year old in.
  12. festa5

    At one point yesterday we had around 30% possession at home

    The lack of possession is kind of by design isn't it? Seem to recall a pre-season friendly where by all accounts we played some great stuff, but Warnock was unhappy because he wanted us to get the ball forward quicker. That's the crux of it for me. Many of the players we have are more suited...
  13. festa5

    So have we just given up even pretending to care about the virus now

    Yeah, feels like that to me but a lot of the scientists seem to be saying some intervention now could head it off. I don't know, I'm not an expert. seems crazy you wouldn't at the very least keep masks mandatory and tell people to work from home where possible.
  14. festa5

    How long do we give Warnock then?

    Yeah I've had enough. The game has moved on (see also Pulis). I've no doubt he can do a job with limited players, but he hasn't a clue how to get the best out of more technical ones. It's not just results but performances and there's no hint he has what it takes to turn us around. Performances...
  15. festa5

    So have we just given up even pretending to care about the virus now

    Without early intervention (and maybe even with) I just can't see how the NHS won't be overwhelmed over winter. It was always barely able to cope pre-covid, it won't take much to push it over the edge. It's a ticking bomb and as ever this government wants to stick its head in the sand. Unlike...
  16. festa5

    Sporar Celebration Cut Short Last Night

    Could be, bit of a double bluff maybe? Try and tempt the keeper to take a touch then charge in? Or maybe I'm just overthinking it!
  17. festa5

    Sporar Celebration Cut Short Last Night

    Yeah, think he gambled a bit plus his acceleration is exceptional so it caught the keeper out. It's very rare you score directly from putting the keeper under pressure like that, put it does lead to other mistakes quite a bit. Players like Hernandez who are almost frighteningly quick off the...
  18. festa5

    If the answer is Liz Truss

    Seven years ago I'd have agreed. In a world where Trump and Johnson win elections I'm not so sure. I thought it was obvious Johnson is an incompetent liar and Farage is an odious far right snake, but apparently not obvious enough. So while I'd hope people would look at Truss and think WTF...
  19. festa5

    Sporar Celebration Cut Short Last Night

    I loved Nemeth but he was very inconsistent. He'd have a storming game followed by two quiet ones which is why he was in out of the side at first (arrived at least a couple of seasons before Jimmy and Viduka, his competition was Boksic, Job and Whelan). He was also shunted out wide on occasion...
  20. festa5

    Tavernier in the oppositions box

    This is it for me. What he really needs is to stay injury free and complete a full season. A lot of the other issues will iron themselves out if he can manage that. Playing matches is the best way to improve. We know what he's capable of, but he needs to be playing regularly. Hopefully he can...