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    What crisps are the spiciest

    Brannigans are no more
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    Its wine now!

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    What was your first job?

    milk round 7 mornings a week for £1,50
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    Traveling to Cornwall

    We have family in North Devon and visit 3 times a year We normally stop off on the way, we were there 2 weeks ago and stopped in Cheltenham but we have stopped in Stratford and Gloucester. Stratford is our fav The M5 is a nightmare at times we come off at Tiverton so can say about the...
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    25th June marks 71 years since the beginning of The Korean War [ "The Dirty War"]

    My Dad was with the DLI during the Korean war. He told me there was a spotlight and when that went out the cease-fire would come. The Americans were at the front and at 2330 just 30 mins before the cease-fire the Americans came running past them and the North made 2 miles of progress...
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    Ukulele players

    I bought a Banjo last year and still struggling to play it
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    Wine Recommendations

    If you fancy pushing the boat out try a Faustino 1 2004 or 2005 gran reserva a little under £20 from Tesco or online, aged 8 yrs in the bottle min. to give a great tasting Rioja and it goes great with Lamb
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    "Heaven" - Gigs youve lined up after lockdown?

    Saw The Furs a couple of years ago at Newcastle thought they were good but a little too slick and dramatic for me liked them better when they were raw
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    Without revealing your age who is your first favourite footballer?

    Alan Ball but for the Boro John Hickton
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    George Reynolds has cracked his last safe

    Met him a couple of times and found him a bully, But my son on his first outing as a ref, ran the line at Feethams for a under 16 match against Sunderland . George thanked him and thrust £20 in his hand not bad for a lad of 15 especially as a ref i got £15 Still didn,t trust him one inch
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    Bands who were better live than in the studio

    Ferryhill,s finest Penetration
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    Stupid trivia you know

    Thats true the date changes at 2am on the sunday
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    Last Gig

    The Bellrays at the Westgarth last Jan
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    Have you ever bought anything after seeing an advert . . .

    That be the fella to be sure The video explained how it was easy to build a garage yeah ok
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    Have you ever bought anything after seeing an advert . . .

    I bought a Brickie a plastic contraption to get your mortar right when building a wall. We attained a brick planter out of it not that square and rough as a badgers what,s not. It has now been binned
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    When's your first gig of the year due to be?

    Deacon Blue November have my doubts about that
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    How close do you live to where you were born ?

    24 miles Bishop Auckland to Hartlepool
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    what book are you reading ?

    Bass Culture (When Reggae was king by Lloyd Bradley