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  1. WindyNook

    Black Lives Matter

    This is from the other post it gives a good account of where black people are coming from
  2. WindyNook

    The Opposite of Being a Racist

    It's very difficult as a white person to truly understand where black people are coming from. Our whole society and standard of living is a direct result of slavery. We would not be as comfortable as we are without that. So how far do we go to help there cause write letters send emails to on...
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    Just thought I'd leave this here and watch.....

    The Forsyte saga
  4. WindyNook

    Just thought I'd leave this here and watch.....

  5. WindyNook

    What an awful summer

    The young uns will stop partying in the parks Will they start doing it indoors? What will that do to the R rate?
  6. WindyNook

    Fao Artie

    I'm not his biggest fan was at the hustings when he " got the job" . It was obvious that he would , the hometown boy, even though some of the outsiders were better candidates. But the voting in the house was ridiculous Amendment lost now they all have to queue again to vote on the motion
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    Fao Artie

    Ian Mearns Gateshead MP Just voted in House of Commons in his tee shirt and shorts up yours JRM Looks and sounds like a farce. Will that be the way they vote in the future
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    Is a civil war in America likely?

    Biden just been on the news urging people to come together. He layed into Trump and sounded Presidential. Wonder how the numpties across the pond will react to that.
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    The intro and the outro

    Just been listening to this track by the Bonzos Excellent whacky comedy from the sixties. I recognised most of the cast. I had to Google Franlkyn McCormack. I was stumped by the Rawlinsons .They turned out to be charactera invented by Viv Stanshall He later made it into a film Sir Henry at...
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    Up the Boro

    I got my £30 back with a letter of thanks from the club. It's probably in the loft somewhere.
  11. WindyNook

    Johnson's expriment

    Only ever worn my Boro top round here once at school 1997 red nose day. Dyed hair silver went round school in Jarrow selling Ravenlli Pizza Wembley specials. Not available in Newcastle and Sunderland outlets
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    Racial tension growing across the USA. Trump will feed on this and use it as his distraction to get re-elected
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    Johnson's expriment

    Don't worry every one, it's not only the lions that are in danger because of Johnson's experiment. The donkeys are too.
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    Johnson's expriment

    The Con men won the election because they rightly judged the mood of the people and "Got Brexit done". They haven't managed that yet.Six months is even longer than a week and that was a long time in Politics. Our absentee landlord is now exhibiting Trumpian qualities with his "Don't tell them...
  15. WindyNook

    Johnson's expriment

    Risking 6 people in back garden tomorrow. Then going into quarantine leading up to my op. See you on the other side. Looking forward to a tipple anywhere as soon as I regain control.
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    Johnson's expriment

    Hi Artie Big news for WN. NO WIND!! Baking up here how's L F?
  17. WindyNook

    Johnson's expriment

    Whilst relaxation will lead to an increase in cases. The question is can the government react successfully to any spike. The current mistrust in the government has mainly been brought about by their own actions. Despite this, will the public still do " the right thing" I sincerely hope they...
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    Johnson's expriment

    What happens here depends on strict adherence to the rules. I had an appointment at hospital yesterday for a pre op interview for my radical prostectamy. My wife naturally wanted to come along but the letter from the hospital said I must go alone. Reluctantly she said we aren't called Cummings...
  19. WindyNook

    Johnson's expriment This is a country that was rightly lauded for its actions in tackling the virus. Now look what is happening. Johnson plans to open schools on Monday and yet our daily...