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  1. rob_fmttm

    Ex Nazi Guard to stand trial

    He may have played a part in hundreds or thousands of deaths. Should he not have stepped forward himself years and years ago?
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    Anyone Going to Riverside Open Day on Tuesday?

    Some people will not be as confident as others about going back to football after the Covid months. This may offer some reassurance.
  3. rob_fmttm

    Anyone Going to Riverside Open Day on Tuesday?

    The idea is people can refamiliarise themselves with going to their seats etc at the ground. After such a long time out and with worries around Covid this is an opportunity to feel a little more confident ahead of Bristol City. (You email them to book a time slot)...
  4. rob_fmttm

    Terry Cooper played his final Boro game this day 1977

    Very sad news. Was my favourite player, when in 1970 World Cup team. An overlapping full back he was literally ahead of the game. His broken leg at Leeds was a disaster for club and country. As said above when Boro signed him it was so exciting, we were buying a world and World Cup class player...
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    Supporters Meeting on Monday - Your Input Needed

    Thank you for the contribution.
  6. rob_fmttm

    No Bags at Stoke

    Just heard that Stoke City have imposed a "no bags" policy at their ground this season - I don't think there are exceptions to this - it is to limit covid searches etc. Hopefully this doesn't catch on and doesn't catch us out when we visit.
  7. rob_fmttm

    Boro Legend joins One Boro forum

    I have met Boro Legend at Blackburn away a couple of seasons ago. He is a real person. He only posts under that username. He is not any other poster. I know this 100% because I have met him and have also we have traded emails and other communications.
  8. rob_fmttm

    Supporters Meeting on Monday - Your Input Needed

    I have just been in a meeting about running a local festival in Autumn and we have decided to make every event/venue as Covid safe as we can. Social distancing and requesting masks etc.
  9. rob_fmttm

    Gareth Southgate given freedom of Middlesbrough

    That is tremendous. Really pleased about this. He is such a top bloke and has achieved so much. A true role model as a national manager.
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    Supporters Meeting on Monday - Your Input Needed

    I am pretty certain that it has already been announced YES.
  11. rob_fmttm

    Ticket for Rotherham

    I will go with you Mike..
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    Or if you like twitter...
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    Middlesbrough FC Jigsaw

    They look good. Jigsaws always makes me think of the Laurel and Hardy film when they are supposed to be going to a wedding but the jigsaw takes over.
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    Supporters Meeting on Monday - Your Input Needed

    From last meeting we were looking at two things - fan suggestions around matchday experience. Thoughts on how it could be improved before/after game. I have passed on the thread referencing supporter concerns over covid and watching Boro. Secondly, how does everyone feel about Boro Brick Road...
  15. rob_fmttm

    Viktor Fischer

    Viktor Fischer was one of the brightest young stars in Europe as a teenager - I guess injury took its toll on him even before he reached senior football.
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    There's a hive of activity drawing in the crowds at one of Middlesbrough's best loved leisure venues. The busy workers are proving a draw for families from far and wide at Newham Grange Farm. The stars of the show are the bees hard at work in the Farm's historic observation hive which gives...
  17. rob_fmttm

    Warnock night out cancelled

    Neil Warnock was being very careful during the south west tour and bumping elbows with fans etc not hand shaking. He personally knows only too well what is at stake and they cannot afford to take any chances at the start of the season - this will be a real consideration as well at matches. How...
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    Mayor Preston and tonight's Middlesbrough Council meeting.

    "he" - not with you. What do you mean. Remove Andy Preston? Or this thread?
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    Warnock night out cancelled

    No, not heard. Could it be for covid safety. If this is confirmed.