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    Hooray, it's FRIDAY!

    These are going down well tonight
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    'Lemon Top' mentioned in PMQs

    I remember when George Hardwick passed away Labour sports minister Richard Caborn led a tribute to him in Parliament. Knew all about him and captaining the Great Britain side during WW2 👍
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    Your favourite Boro player who came from Liverpool/Merseyside

    I was there too S7, miserable night from start to finish.
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    Message from Gareth Southgate - Dear England

    Quality, classy bloke
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    Rumours of Morsy

    Sounds like a Bob Dylan song
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    RIP Alan Miller

    So very sad. Great memories of him and that amazing time. Rest in peace Alan.
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    Water Poverty - in the UK - the Green & Pleasant land

    Agree, it should surely be a planning condition for all new build to use grey water for these things. Other countries do it. And new builds should surely have solar as well?
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    Who's your favourite bald person?

    Always liked Dean Gordon
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    Emerson - 8 goals in41 appearances for us

    I have no time for him. After all that happened in the relegation season after five seconds he blew the FA cup final that we’d waited 100 years for.
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    Ashley fletcher

    I have a feeling he’d do ok in the prem as a backup, where it’s more about pace and movement than fight. He won’t be a big signing and there will be less pressure on him in a way.
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    Tesla exposed

    This bloke is talking rubbish. His key point is that in the US 60 per cent of electricity he says is made by burning coal. Well what you do is generate more renewables energy like in the UK. If you have solar panels on your house your car runs on sunshine. Not by burning petrol or diesel. So...
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    How hard does Barry Robson smash this in

    Great goal Erimus. A rubbish ball to him as well, he’ll have been expecting it through between the defenders toward the goal on his right foot. He had to come out wide the other way to pick it up under pressure. Absolute force of will to get a shot in at all and what a cracker. Loved Robson...
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    Electric Cars

    I had a leaf, my mate has a Tesla. If you have a house that you can charge from you won’t ever have any issues about charging unless you really regularly do 400 miles per day. Home charging is what is so different from petrol. Go for it.
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    In celebration of dark ales

    Anterimus how was that beer mate?
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    Warnock staying next season

    Quality. Love him.
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    Priti Patel reaches six-figure settlement with ex-Home Office chief Philip Rutnam

    I find it unbelievable that she is still in post. Anywhere else you are fired for bullying.
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    Remember Dave Hodgson one of the Ayresome Park aces

    Smashing bloke Hodgy. I had quite a bit to do with him when he was Darlo manager and he was an exceptionally kind, funny and inspirational bloke. It was an real pleasure to work with him.
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    Pathetic front page from The Sun

    Never buy the sun
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    Do you regard Andy Townsend as an ex Boro player

    Yes, absolutely, he was great for us. Have lots of good memories of him, set a real standard.
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    I thought he was great today. There’s something of him that reminds me a little bit of Kenny Dalglish. He’s a clever player, can see things other players don’t and he’s so positive. Always straight off accelerating at pace on the turn, no messing about. I love it when he plays.