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  1. GazC_MFC

    Looks like Glasgow will be the Petri dish

    They had the home office thing the other day and now the rangers fans marching. Hopefully no significant hospitalisations in the next 2 weeks and we can have ultimate confidence in the vaccine
  2. GazC_MFC

    Another record for pep

    12 away wins on the bounce #baldfraud
  3. GazC_MFC

    Ajax - touch of class

    They have melted their league trophy and issued 42,000 silver stars for season ticket holders. They are literally getting a piece of the trophy Classy
  4. GazC_MFC


    well well well.
  5. GazC_MFC


    How many usernames is he posting under on here right now I reckon I know of 4 possible. In the view I could be wrong I won’t post the names
  6. GazC_MFC

    Players deserve time off

    Maybe not on today’s showing but in the main this has been a tough season. Games thick and fast. Been condensed so hopefully they get to enjoy a good few weeks off
  7. GazC_MFC

    Repeat after me ‘bald, fraud’

  8. GazC_MFC

    Coburn’s goal - should it have stood?

    Rolling ball when the corner was taken?
  9. GazC_MFC


    Fmttm do your thing recommend me one preferably gas
  10. GazC_MFC

    Meghan and Harry

    Pretty devastating interview
  11. GazC_MFC

    Another record for pep

    14 wins in all competitions by top flight English team matching arsenal and preston repeat after me. Bald. Fraud.
  12. GazC_MFC

    BBC reports 5% of Wuhan has covid

    Based on antibodies. Can we assume this is higher due to studies showing antibodies don’t stay in everyone?
  13. GazC_MFC

    Those who had covid?

    Did any of you keep heart rate data and how that effected with you. More interested in if you had little symptoms or none at all but any day would be fine.
  14. GazC_MFC

    You’ve got to want to die for those 3 points

    You can tell Warnock drills that into players. There are running through brick walls these lads buzz well and truly back
  15. GazC_MFC

    iPsos poll. Labour +5pts

    Work carried out prior to yesterday
  16. GazC_MFC

    Explanation why Manchester went into tier 3

    Take the students out the equation cases were still rising. Tier 3 seems to had an impact as most ages flatline or decrease
  17. GazC_MFC

    Most impressed with....

    Djksteel, morsey and mcnair howson looking best he has as well Warnock just knows how to get the job done. I don’t want to get carried away, it’s not like me, but I wonder who we’ll play in the playoffs
  18. GazC_MFC


    97.9% decrease in reported cases to WHO from weeks 15 to 40 about 100000 extra tests for flu in that time mental that
  19. GazC_MFC

    Stratton - new spokesperson

  20. GazC_MFC

    ‘I’m sorry’

    Is it enough to say I’m sorry? boris for stating the wrong rules Jeremy corbyn for breaking the rule of 6 Stan Johnson for not wearing a mask snp Margaret Farrier for travelling after a positive covid test If these people (corbyn and farrier) have broken the law surely their party should...