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    This says a lot about my sense of humour-

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    I thought Ian Wright was a very good player, to overcome this abuse and achieve what he did...........

    is amazing-Well done Ian. My wife and I are foster carers specialising in abused kids so this sort of story is not new to us. To play his football when all this was going on required courage, both mental and physical and I really hope a message is sent out that help is available in many...
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    Brexit/Covid blamed for staff shortages in hospitality

    Some foriegn workers will not be coming back. I hope this doesn't mean more closures as this will mean more people out of a job.
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    Any links to todays game

    .pretty please?
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    And you wonder why the police are not trusted

    Poor girl- the police man should be facing a judge, not being dismissed as if it was nothing serious.
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    Johnson's scandals- how on earth did he get where he is

    The author is right- the blame lies with the voters
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    The Good Law Project- update on today's case

    There was a thread on this a few weeks ago but I don't know how to find it.
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    The Geordies, the Saudi, the Tory donor, the PM

    More sleaze.....
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    Dairy and meat exports down 96% due to Brexit

    WOW!!!- that is some hit to take. I suppose farmers and dairy owners might be thinking about how the voted
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    Apparently the clubs are not allowed to leave the ESL as they have signed binding contracts

    So where does that leave them. Interesting times.
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    How much is a pint in your local

    It seems pubs and breweries have been very sneaky.
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    THIS is what football should be about - not the billionaire shysters..............

    Proper football, proper grounds, proper fans, proper prices
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    At last- police before the courts for Hillsborough and a lawyer too

    Let's just hope justice is served. Bent coppers are bad enough but bent lawyers- wow- not often you see a lawyer in court.
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    Well said Mr Policeman, cut poverty and you will cut crime

    It is obvious but the Tories seem to WANT people to be poor. There is a lack of jobs and opportunities (so much for the Tories being good with the economy) and the derisable levels of help from the state when someone really needs help is almost non existent. It is no wonder people turn to crime...
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    Just spent 2 and a half hours on the tread mill in the garage....... the end I had to get Mrs T to show me how to turn the fkr on!
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    Working for free to earn a living

    Tory ethics at work
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    PM's lies to Parliament get 10 million views

    Add a few more views to it- send the video to your mates- even better if they are Tories.
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    Tommy Robinson tried to claim asylum in the US

    I thought he was against asylum seekers and that they should all be sent back- or have I misunderstood?
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    Tories are at it again- cheating the tax payer

    While freezing housing benefit for low income families
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    Any links to todays goals please?

    Thank you