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  1. kuepper

    India not on the travel red list

    yet cases rising rapidly to 200,000 a day, 77 cases of new Indian variant in UK today, and 50 flights from India arriving daily. And we do nothing
  2. kuepper

    N Ireland v Ukraine

    Great 2 games to watch, well done NI women
  3. kuepper

    El Clasico tonight

    Braithwaite on the bench for Barca
  4. kuepper

    Sylvester Stallone was beaten at arm wrestling by which ex Boro player?

    trivia q heard on radio 4 today
  5. kuepper

    'Dodgy Dave' Cameron

    What a rotten corrupt mob
  6. kuepper

    NHS staff rewarded

    A worthless pay rise, a bit of clapping, and now this crass tin badge for Manchester NHS workers. badge
  7. kuepper

    12 months ago....

  8. kuepper

    Deutschland '89

    Just finished this 3rd season of the Deutschland series on Ch4, totally brilliant how they've captured the zeitgeist of that period and how it swings from dark to funny
  9. kuepper

    £2,607,767.67 spent on Johnson's media room

    Should have been ready for the autumn, I wonder who got the contract and if there's a penalty clause. Still 100 covid contracts not revealed despite Johnson lying that they were there for all to see
  10. kuepper

    Gove postal votes

    Our democracy
  11. kuepper

    Jordan Brown

    Never heard of him before this tournament but brilliant play against Ronnie this afternoon, especially consistent safety play. This evening's session should be a cracker
  12. kuepper

    Hancock acted unlawfully in giving Tory cronies contracts

    No surprise but is that it, no repercussions?
  13. kuepper

    Our world beating variant

    Johnson's unwelcome gift to the world
  14. kuepper

    Dido Harding, world class idiot

    Shouldn't we expect the head of the National Institute for Health Protection who is also in charge of our 'world class' (LOL)Test and Trace system to know that viruses mutate? She told MPs this morning : "We've seen the virus mutate...which was something none of us were able to predict"...
  15. kuepper

    Our world class Covid-19 death rate

  16. kuepper

    Worst Excess Deaths in UK since WW2

    Well done Mr Johnson
  17. kuepper

    Johnson Snr gets his 2nd jab

    after 21 days despite govt changing period to 12 weeks.
  18. kuepper

    29 November 2017

    from the only British politician who refused to attend the state banquet for Trump - who Johnson thought should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize
  19. kuepper

    the new BBC Chair

    is multimillionaire former Goldman Sachs banker Richard Sharp, a big Tory donor who was once Rishi Sunak's boss
  20. kuepper

    Taxi for Karanka

    another home defeat