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    Feedback on new site thread

    How is that? There will be some Player Sponsorship news to impart - I have just been waiting to here from buffaloboro.
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    They do an exceptional job - "Acting as a bridge between food bank vouchers and regular shopping, the ‘eco shop' stocks a large variety of tinned and fresh foods including bread, milk and fruit and veg." "Mayor Preston's visit coincided with a Tuesday drop-in session, with all welcome to drop...
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    Can we have our Football back....Yet? - John Nicholson

    I better get reading then.. and in order.
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    Can we have our Football back....Yet? - John Nicholson

    So, is this an update then on Can We Have Our Football Back? Is it best to read the first before the new book?
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    Can we have our Football back....Yet? - John Nicholson

    You have whetted my appetite here - I haven't read any of John's football books since We Ate All The Pies - but he is such a good writer as with his blog. He never fails to hit the spots. Thanks for the recommend - I must go out and get this.
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    Fostering's life-changing gift

    NURSE'S CAREER CHANGE GIVES SIBLINGS A HAPPY NEW HOME JUST do it! That's the advice from Middlesbrough mum Emma Mussard on a life-changing career move. The perfect job may be a pipedream for most, but when Emma made the switch from nursing to fostering, she never looked back. As Emma and...
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    A TRUE army of selfless volunteers is proving a lifeline for those struggling for food and shelter during lockdown. The Salvation Army are on the pandemic frontline with hot food, friendship and support for those in need during the worst public health crisis in living memory. Middlesbrough...
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    Hideki Matsuyama

    Yes 20 year old Hinako Shibuno won the Women's British Open in 2019 - on her debut and her Major debut. Great times for Japanese golf.
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    Am just reading through the reports - can we have a ceasefire and watch the match this afternoon in peace, please? Let's all take a step back, monarchists, republicans, Torys, Labour but not Newcastle, Sunderland fans or Leeds. Let's all read newyddion's Match Preview and get set in the mood...
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    Match Preview Appeal - Newwy? Otto?

    Brilliant - many thanks. Always worth waiting for.
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    An appeal here to help us with a special Local History edition of MIMAZINA - MIMA’s MIMAZINA is a digital community journal, published monthly, that shares ideas, stories and voices from across the Tees Valley and beyond during this time of social change. It is made with artist group Foundation...
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    Litter - Petition For Printing of Number Plates on Drive Thru Packages

    Hand scanners are about £20 aren't they? Wouldn't it be a great contribution from them to helping keep Britain tidy.
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    Have Your Say on VAR - Official Fan Survey for End of Season Review

    One for the evening crowd - a very quick survey to fill out, especially if you haven't witnessed VAR - is it one game we had at the Riverside v Burton? But your views are valued - everyone will have experienced VAR on tv.
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    England games confirmed

    The Wembley Cup games are mostly for Brent residents - as they are being treated almost like scientific experiments it seems.
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    England games confirmed

    I wonder if the results are very positive from the scientific tests of the Wembley Cup matches whether that will encourage a higher capacity for these games. But if it is similar rules and restrictions people with a TS postcode will get most of the tickets.
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    Relegated Teams

    If two of the promoted sides also come down - it will show up the massive gulf between the divisions and also just how much advantage parachute payments are in the time of pandemic.
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    Astra Zeneca vaccine death in Tenerife. article copied from Canarian Weekly newspaper

    We should also remember that Astra Zeneca was made "not for profit" by agreement with Oxford University - it is pretty much alone in this. They wanted their research to help the world get back on their feet again. Am not saying things should not be fully investigated but this is the only vaccine...
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    Fans Forum Discussion

    Have a think everyone - what other points would you like raising with other supporters and also with Middlesbrough Football Club? What sort of match day experience would you hope for next season? A safe one. A communal one. A successful one. Something to excite everyone and get us all involved...
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    Fans Forum Discussion

    Basically I don't want to start a plan of action right now myself. But for those that do I suggest when the 2 books are published soon that would be a really good opportunity to open a debate up about how to remember our greatest goalscorer - the books will certainly be a great memorial on their...