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    Merry Christmas to you all.

    Have a wonderful day with smiles and happiness.VESPA.x.
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    It`s my Birthday today.

    And i have negotiated myself onto a 5 day working week again.So happy.:).
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    That new Away top..

    Black and Blue stripes,looks ace.
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    Anyone doing a 10 match acca ?

    Had a few quid on Watford Leicester West Ham Villa Draw Liverpool Chelsea Man City Everton Bournemouth Draw Burnley Brighton Draw Spurs Southampton Sheff Utd Draw
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    Stop moaning.We are safe.

    Yes it has been a very strange season for every Football Club and fan whoever they are and support,but,this is our Boro,we are staying up.
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    I know there is another thread on this but just finished watching it.Made me laugh and tore me up in equal measures,he decided to be happy so he did.Toby Jones was brilliant.
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    Anybody else seemed to develop an obsession while at home ?

    Mine is Salad Cream on every meal,i have no idea why but i crave it.Also Vodka and Tonic water,i never really bothered with spirits but now itis my favourite the past fortnight.
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    Anybody tried Flavourly Beers ?

    Got a cracking offer on,20 beers for £30 with no subscription.The reviews are very mixed,i suppose its expected anyway.Just wondered if any posters had used them.
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    Just started watching Harrys Heroes

    Merson drinking 35 pints a week.I dont drink that in 6 months.It`s David Seamen seems to really help him.
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    Anybody else watching World Cup rewind on BBC1 ?

    Some cracking Football being played from France 98,really enjoying this.
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    Get Shirty Documentary.

    Did anybody see this little gem on ITV about the way Admiral invented the replica shirt industry ? Its quite sweet,bitter.I know that`s reverse but its how it pans out.Worth a watch on ITV hub.