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    Adding colour to old B&W photos

    My son did some family photos for me. It looks like he used My heritage to add the colour. It is quite subtle and looks to have worked well. There is also a way to animate the pictures, but that is a bit weird
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    I am in dire need of some new undercrackers. Not sure if I want to stand in a queue for them. The area I live has only 8 cases per 100k people. We cant wait to get going again, although I understand the caution elsewhere.
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    Please tell me this is a joke

    I am fairly ambivalent in my view of the Royal Family, however my Dad spent his life working in the Civil service. In recognition of his commitment he was awarded an Imperial Service Order by the Queen, when the family went to watch at Buckingham Palace. He was also invited to various Garden...
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    Well this is quite the tale....

    Well said, but I have been caught out by a thread entitled Johnson
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    This is the protocol long been mentioned in the event of a royal death

    Not pro or anti the royals, but have sympathy when anyone passes away. I remember having the tele on all day when Dianna died and was in a total state of shock. This one appears to be a total overreaction by the BBC and I think it will do the cause more harm than good.
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    Anyone else looking forward with hopeful anticipation to Monday?

    I have to reopen my showroom, really not looking forward to it. Wish I was in the pub instead
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    Certainly have become more aware that you dont always feel right, and that it may be more serious. Dont go looking for it though, and I am not sure that I want to know the full extent of the problem.
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    Recommend an LP to a Millenial.

    I found when my kids were in their late teens that I got into the same alternative rock music that they liked. Later on I discovered that those bands where influenced by the likes of the Clash, SLF and the Damned, all the sort of music that I liked as a kid. So I played that to my kids, they...
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    People under 50 getting a vaccination

    My daughter had hers at the age of 26. She works as a chiropractor and treats elderly patients, the surgery arranged for all staff to be vaccinated. Sounds fair enough to me. My son 22 is awaiting to be called, Mum is a nurse working on the covid wards. However they both came down with the virus...
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    Is ordering three meals on expenses acceptable.

    Is this in the UK, if so where are these restaurants open ? Staying in a hotel is usually room service only, otherwise are they take aways. To order 3 meals sounds as though she may be entertaining others in her room or house. Sounds very fishy to me
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    Astra Zeneca vaccine death in Tenerife. article copied from Canarian Weekly newspaper

    This pandemic has been managed by stats i.e. the likelihood of transmission and death. The number of cases of complications are so low, that statistically speaking they are insignificant. This does not warrant more than a cursory glance and should not cause so an overreaction. In my opinion if...
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    What player were you most pleased about leaving Boro?

    how about St Ledger ? The second Kike also comes to mind
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    Plymouth away on July 23rd

    You are all welcome down, but you will be lucky finding anywhere to stay.
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    Addicted to learning guitar.

    As has been said it comes with practice and finger strength. Also check where your thumb is, as this can have a big effect. I was taught to have it pressed against the neck and not wrapped across, that can come later when your hands are stronger.
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    Why football ? I thought this board was about space travel :)
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    Addicted to learning guitar.

    My son was eight when he showed interest. But taught him from about 11/12. Bought him a cheap strat with bendy strings. He got on well with the size and in a few months was in a school battle of the bands contest. He was rubbish before that with any other hobbies as you say attention spans...
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    Addicted to learning guitar.

    Love playing my guitars. It becomes an addiction, and buying different types of guitars to play. Even though I have played for years, I admit that I am not as good as I want to be. I learnt to play lots of different styles and love mixing it up on different instruments, love classical on an...
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    £1.2 Million a day wages.

    I am ashamed to say that I pay my showroom staff NMW, not by choice, but necessity as a new business we havent made enough to raise them to a resonable level. Luckily these are mums who are part time workers and so arent solely responsible for supporting their family. As an employer I can either...
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    Is lockdown over where you live?

    Round my way, lockdown stopped when the kids went back to school. Loads of them playing out together after school. The mums are all taking the kids in together. Now we are into the Easter holidays, we have loads of families coming down to the South West either in camper vans or staying at family...
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    Some people just voted out without thinking it through

    To be honest, it just shows at times that our version of democracy has failed. The question as posed in the referendum was too simplistic. There was always going to be a lot more than do you want to leave the eu. Some people could understand the implications, others couldn't, and we were...