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  1. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Boro charged with breach of conduct
  2. Pak_Doo_Ik

    James Coppinger

    A lovely little article today about him, cost Donny 30 grand and made 600 appearances, as he says he's probably cost them about £50 a game. Little note, he grew up idolising Juninho so another reason to think he's great...
  3. Pak_Doo_Ik


    A good start to the day BBC News - Hit TV show Frasier to be revived after 20 years
  4. Pak_Doo_Ik

    June 22nd Headlines

    With the country back open and Brexit all done, what will be the lead news on the 6 o'clock bulletin, I'm going with Oasis confirm Knebworth date for reunion gig 😁
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    Just what is this all about......

  6. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Woody will not be impressed, nor Neil

    Sean Dyche on this evenings cup game
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    1 in 5 care home worker refuse vaccine

    This has just been on BBC breakfast, seems a very high figure of refusal to me. The article below backs it up but that was written back on the 19th January and they said the situation was improving. As care homes are being badly affected again what can be done to change the minds of the staff...
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    Teenage Fanclub

    My first favourite song of 2021 I'm More Inclined
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    Well done Spurs

    Sold over 30,000 virtual tickets for today's game, with receipts going to Marine, also to Jose for playing the team he did I know it wasn't the strongest team but he played enough first team players to show respect to the non league oppostion, perhaps other managers and clubs should follow suit.
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    FAO Mr Erimus

    I know you said in an earlier thread that yiu don't watch football unless boro are involved, but surely this is the beauty of the FA Cup and as such worth watching
  11. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Free beer......

    Not tomorrow as the old sign used to say. Brewdog giving away a 4 pack of Lost Lager Free beer, thank you Brew Dog
  12. Pak_Doo_Ik

    More children of the 90s needed on this board

    Just seen I've missed Back to the 90s with Vic Reeves on Ch4 followed by Trainspotting. Can't help but think if this was back to 70's with Dave Brock, followed by a documentary about Hawkwind on BBC4 the board would have been all over it.
  13. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Cardiff Goal

    To coin a phrase, take a bow son😯
  14. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Advent Calendar

    Came to downstairs this morning to be greeted by a Brewdog advent calendar, I think December is going to be good month:p
  15. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Today feels like a good day

    Woke up this morning to a wonderful winters sunrise, my lad got himself ready for school with no need for time reminders, the good news about the Oxford vaccine and no hangover. Sometimes Mondays aren't all bad 😊
  16. Pak_Doo_Ik

    For fans of 90s Football

    I give you Rob Mccaffrey sings, look out for a cameo for TLF and Emmerson, along with Ryan Giggs singing the immortal lines "Is she really going out with him"
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    Sorry, but another Parmo thread

    Spending a couple of nights at Rockliffe next week and wondered as I'm exiled in the Midlands is there anywhere nearby where I could introduce my 11 year old son to our native dish, preferably somewhere where I could get a nice local ale as well and achievable in a taxi, so I can enjoy the local...
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    The App

    Why would a two week lockdown allow the track and trace app to suddenly start working, do people really believe that the government will fix it in two weeks?
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    An Erimus style on this day................

    19 years ago today David Beckham scores one of England's most iconic goals 19 years aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhh
  20. Pak_Doo_Ik

    Remember when Fergie..........

    Accused teams of trying harder against Man United than other team (the comments that led to Keegan having his meltdown). Looking at Leicester today I'm sure Pep feels just the same 😁