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    Scottish greens in favour of Scottish independence

    I don't think that's entirely true, but there were times when it was. How can Labour expect to form a government when mpoverished Northern English seats are going blue? And when Labour has no clear plan to capture Scottish votes? Labour is just slipping away from most people's political...
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    Black man killed by police in Minnesota - new revelation

    First degree aggravated robbery, not attempted robbery. First-degree robbery when the robbery victim or someone else not involved in the crime is seriously injured. First-degree robbery may also take place if the perpetrator is armed with a deadly weapon and threatens to use it against the...
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    Black man killed by police in Minnesota - new revelation

    That's not the sequence of events at all. This is what happened, and this is not disputed. At around 2:00 p.m. local time on April 11, 2021, Potter and two other Brooklyn Center police officers pulled over Wright, who was driving on 63rd Avenue North with his girlfriend, for a traffic...
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    Black man killed by police in Minnesota - new revelation

    How does a policeman or policewoman know, in what might be just a split second, whether someone is armed or not? That guy who was killed in Minnesota was wanted for carrying a gun without a license. That's why they tried to arrest him. He may have been carrying the gun when he was stopped by...
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    Black man killed by police in Minnesota - new revelation

    I think what he was saying is that, when you put yourself in harm's way by committing crime, then you are increasing the chances of being injured by police, or other people. Black people in the US commit more homicide crimes per head than other ethnic groups, so they stand a greater chance of...
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    Black man killed by police in Minnesota - new revelation

    Yes, apologies, I know you didn't. There's a popular narrative about interracial strife in the US that I was referring to. Personally I don't kill many people :-) but I have a very diverse group of friends, so if I did transgress, it may be someone from outside my ethic group.
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    Black man killed by police in Minnesota - new revelation

    Statistically, in 2019, black or African Americans accounted for 56% of all homicide offences in the US. 55% of homicide victims were black or AA. 81% of black victims were killed by someone from the same ethnic group. White homicide perpetrators were 41%, of the total, and white victims 42%...
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    Black man killed by police in Minnesota - new revelation

    Tennessee v Garner, 1985. The Supreme Court ruled a police officer who has probable cause to believe a suspect poses a threat of serious harm to the officer or others may use deadly force to prevent escape. This guy's arrest warrant was for illegally possessing a gun. That's what they were...
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    Black man killed by police in Minnesota - new revelation

    Yes, known to the police. Yes, he had previous convictions. He had missed a court hearing last week for carrying a firearm without a permit. A warrant for his arrest had been issued. Of course he shouldn't have been shot, but equally he shouldn't have resisted arrest and driven away.
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    Black man killed by police in Minnesota - new revelation

    I think that's pretty much a myth. Most states require police applicants to have a high school diploma, or a degree, or to have served in the military. Then there's usually 6 months of formal training, and another 6 month of partnering with an experienced officer. I'm sure someone can produce a...
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    Stuff the Prem.

    Easy to say stuff the Premier League when Boro aren't going to be in it. But come the start of next season, every supporter of a Championship team will be hoping their club is promoted. It's like saying you wouldn't want to go out with a supermodel because she takes too long to get ready.
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    Who do you think will be the surprise exit this summer

    Neil Warnock? We can all dream.
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    Bournemouth are going to get more than 3 points from 6 games, so it won't make any difference now. Boro are 500/1 for promotion now.
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    Second half of the season

    Mid table is what Warnock achieved this season. If he spends money and does no better then he'll be another useless ex manager. He might have saved Boro from relegation, but the squad was so grossly mismanaged by Woodgate that it wasn't a Lazarus sized achievement. The more I think about it...
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    Where do we go from here?

    You HOPE he won't finish by being sacked. If he can't arrest the slide he will be sacked though, and there's where it all goes wrong because he'll have brought in a lot of new players during the summer. I think on balance it would be better if he went now, so the cub can find someone new, with...
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    Do we have to keep warnock next year?

    I agree with that absolutely. But all the players he buys in the summer will still be here and using up the wage budget. I've seen nothing to suggest Warnock is the manager the club needs, can spend the money wisely and has a vision for the future. The club could be back in the same position it...
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    RIP the Duke of Edinburgh

    If there's such a thing as a true democracy, then yes. And, in answer to the second point, it's just the way it is, and it's the way that most people want it to be. You may not like it, nor agree, but you need to understand your views are minority views and converting people to your view of...
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    RIP the Duke of Edinburgh

    Assuming you live in the UK, do you really think anyone is living in oppression? There are plenty of depressed areas in the UK, but not oppressed.
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    Buying a used BMW - potential cost involved.

    I'm not sure what the service interval is on my BMW. I think it's about 20k miles. I don't do anywhere near that. The car is serviced and MOTed simultaneously, and the bill is £100 to £400. There isn't an oil change every year. It's totally reliable.
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    The Masters 2021

    Looks like Rory has put himself out of it already. +5 after 13.