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  1. Sybil_Fawlty

    Covid - Being forced to work in the office

    Same happened to me. Small family firm, no HR and one of the family wanted me out. As BoroFur said, "they went low, I went high'. Bided my time until I got accepted for the perfect job, I documented everything and when hauled in front of the Directors after handing in my notice they conceded...
  2. Sybil_Fawlty

    Loyalist paramilitaries withdraw support from Good Friday Agreement

    People on here seem to be remarkably smug for the potential of a peace treaty failing...strange, very strange!
  3. Sybil_Fawlty

    China gives USA diplomats Anal Covid tests.

    Yeah apparently once anal|y tested, they use the same swab to sweep the nose and throat. If you can taste and smell it, it's good news - you don't have the virus (y)
  4. Sybil_Fawlty


    I'm sure there is, but alternatively you can get photographs turned into jigsaws. My in-laws had one of their favourite photos of the grandkids turned into one as a christmas gift
  5. Sybil_Fawlty

    Zoom background suggestions

    Check out this guys work I'm in awe of just how beautifully he captures our region! I particularly love this one
  6. Sybil_Fawlty


    Nothing beats my either lashings of golden syrup or my mams made up one, which is a filling of mashed bananas, double cream, pinch of sugar and a squeeze of an orange - as a kid we'd smash these until we couldn't move
  7. Sybil_Fawlty

    3 Regrets and 3 Ultimate highs of your time following Middlesbrough Football club

    Lows: 1. Missed every single European game including the Steaua match, as I had paid a fortune upfront to do an evening college course, which has ended up serving no purpose in my life whatsoever! :mad: 2. Missed the Man City 8-1 drubbing 3. Why can't we ever win at Wembley??? Highs: 1. Carling...
  8. Sybil_Fawlty

    Just Got a Request Off Neil Warnock

    That actually made me proper LOL
  9. Sybil_Fawlty

    This belittling of Chris Whitty

    Allegedly, said scrotes mother was appalled and has taken away his X-box :rolleyes: I genuinely despair for what this country has become.
  10. Sybil_Fawlty

    Famous people you've seen in random places

    On my honeymoon, chilling in the pool and literally within minutes saw Ray Parlour and El Hadji Diouf. The latter was an absolute t!t , treating both his lady, kids and I’m guessing nanny like sh:te. Went for our evening meal and saw Kelvin Fletcher (Emmerdale) and Robbie Savage with his family.
  11. Sybil_Fawlty

    Alex Cunningham MP ????

    The man is a plank - and before people turn it into anything political, it's not, he's just a plank!
  12. Sybil_Fawlty

    OFFICIAL It's FRIDAY tipple thread!

    May involve a chilled a white wine, and possibly also a kraken as a wee nightcap!
  13. Sybil_Fawlty

    Novavax vaccine to be made on Teesside

    I believe it’s getting made in Billingham by Fujifilm, or so I was told??
  14. Sybil_Fawlty

    Britt is robbing the club

    Alternatively, my 93 yr old gran has had her first COVID vaccine so could be a cheap swap for Britt.....
  15. Sybil_Fawlty

    What do you order in an Indian restaurant?

    King Prawn Puri Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi (or something of similar heat) Onion Pilau Either Garlic Naan or Peshwari Naan depending on what I fancy Gonna have to order a takeout this weekend I think!!!
  16. Sybil_Fawlty

    2021 Holidays

    We've got a rolled over holiday in Greece in August and hoping to get to the Caribbean at the back end of the year, all being well 🤞
  17. Sybil_Fawlty

    If the whole Boro squad were an Orchestra or Band - which instrument would you assign to each player?

    I’d give Britt a harmonica, so we can’t see that smirk every time he misses an absolute sitter
  18. Sybil_Fawlty

    The truth about education

    My experience is not great - I have two kids, one in juniors and one in seniors. They both get sent work to complete on their respective online platforms, neither of which are ideal for learning and comprehension of the subject matter and are pretty much left to their own devices to complete...
  19. Sybil_Fawlty

    While we wait to be vacinated, is everyone taking Vitamin D3?

    Yes, I began taking it about 2 months ago - super strength (4000iu) daily. Apparently, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, it is recommended that we start taking it for the period of daylight saving hours if you normally work outside or take it all year round if you work indoors.
  20. Sybil_Fawlty

    WFH with young kids

    Cut yourself some slack is my first piece of advice - it really is an absolute ball ache! Secondly, sack any idea of educating if you haven't got the time! You need safe, fun resources to keep your young one entertained. Don't feel guilty about sticking her in front of an iPad or the tv, when...