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  1. Scubahood

    Valerien Ismael

    Gentle nudge...
  2. Scubahood

    Bruno Fernandes

    I don't like him and I don't quite know why, apart from the fact that he plays for Man Utd. Great player though, but after Heam's comment I'll be watching out to see how he fares against the top sides from now on. Surely half of his goals come from penalties too, I've never seen a team awarded...
  3. Scubahood

    Just drove past a packed Preston Park

    Edit - Sorry, I don't quite know how that happened. I was browsing through the thread and watching TV at the same time and must have pressed 'reply' and 'post reply' one after the other somehow 🙈
  4. Scubahood

    Poor overall

    Still baffles me that one season on from almost doing a Sunderland (which would have been catastrophic as we've seen), some people expect us to be in the top six and playing like Man City.
  5. Scubahood

    'The Rise of Raphinha - The Entertainer'

    Five goals and five assists. Move over Lionel and Cristiano, there's a new sheriff in town... 🙄🙄 If he played for West Brom or Fulham, Sky wouldn't have even noticed the guy yet.
  6. Scubahood

    Missing posters?

    Yeah the job's going well (I think) thanks mate, it's just my mind that's still the problem...
  7. Scubahood

    Missing posters?

    More like this
  8. Scubahood

    Missing posters?

    I'm here... just often tired and existentially numb...
  9. Scubahood

    Ashley Fletcher's alias - 🤔🧐

    Want a flake with that?
  10. Scubahood

    Timo Werner

    Few people missing my point here...
  11. Scubahood

    Timo Werner

    There's no doubting his ability, I'm alluding more to his feigned fragility, but then he's just one of many these days, unfortunately 👎
  12. Scubahood

    Timo Werner

    Poor lad, he almost had his lip ripped off by that slight brush of Lewis' hand earlier too 🤕💀
  13. Scubahood

    Timo Werner

    What a goddamn f@nny that lad is 😒😒😒
  14. Scubahood

    FAO Scubahood & AET

    Hi mate, it's going ok thanks for asking, slowly but surely getting used to things I think 🙈 The snow's been a bit of a pain in the arsse the last few days as the place is out in the sticks but our boss has picked us up in the mornings (four wheel drive) which is good of him and there are some...
  15. Scubahood

    A music article for Scubahood

    Thanks! Will have a read of that 👍
  16. Scubahood

    Jurgen Klopp

    It must have been absolutely unbearable for him, I can't even imagine how hard that would be. RIP his mum.
  17. Scubahood

    Covid deniers and anti maskers

    The main traits I've noticed are a) thick as pig$hit, b) illiterate and c) desperate to be 'different' because they're so vanilla and insignificant in every other walk of life. Quite often, all three.
  18. Scubahood

    Another good result for Woodgate

    It won't last.
  19. Scubahood

    If by some miracle this did come in

    I'd run boIIock-naked to Sandsend and fling myself in the sea 🤣🤣
  20. Scubahood

    Which names have you ever had on the back of your Boro shirt?

    Barmby Juninho Marinelli Gascoigne