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  1. Ironops

    Flying ship

    Its a trick of the light - cant remember what its called. Very cool picture though!
  2. Ironops

    Going from bad to worse for the Labour Party

    The government did a good job in securing deals for the vaccine and the NHS have done a brilliant job of getting people vaccinated. It was always going to reflect well on the government and they are getting a bounce in the polls. But only a couple of months ago Labour were statistically tied...
  3. Ironops

    NHS pay rise 1%

    And yet it was only a few days ago that plenty of people on this message board - and some contributors to this very thread - were saying what a brilliant budget Sunak had delivered :unsure:
  4. Ironops

    Warnock's shopping list..

    A big lump of a CB A big lump of a striker A proven goal scorer A keeper Keep all the ones we already have on loan or replace like for like
  5. Ironops

    Priti Patel reaches six-figure settlement with ex-Home Office chief Philip Rutnam

    As someone who works in this area, I completely agree with this
  6. Ironops

    Treasury moving to Darlo

    So what does the 750 jobs figure mean? Is that 750 new jobs for people in Darlo or is it 750 existing treasury people moving north?
  7. Ironops

    England’s proposed joint 2030 bid

    Arent they talking about expanding the world cup finals to 48 teams or something?
  8. Ironops

    £375 for a three bedroomed detached house.

    when I first moved to London in the mid 1990's i rented a flat with a mate in Forest Hill, its not great and not on the tube but it did us, decent sized and 2 bedrooms. When we moved out I noticed the flat next door was up for sale for £35k. I though about buying it but decided i didnt wanna...
  9. Ironops

    Just cancelled Sky tv

    This is what im doing - got netflix, prime video and a years free trial on apple tv. for the Boro games I'll just pay to watch the odd match via the website, that way the money goes to the club (I think?) and not Sky apparently I can keep the sky box and use it for free sat
  10. Ironops

    Just cancelled Sky tv

    Bill had been £48 a month for Sports, Movies and entertainment plus HD - never understood why they charged more for HD but anyway... End of my contract and they put the price up to £81 a month :oops: cant really justify that to watch Boro on the red button with terrible picture quality so...
  11. Ironops

    Shamima Begum refused return to UK

    What an utterly ridiculous thing to say.
  12. Ironops

    Would finishing 8th be a good season

    One of the biggest issues with where we are is the size of our squad - we just dont have the numbers to be able to rotate the first 11. Hall has been out for much of the season but thats meant we are 1 injury away from a crisis in defence. The midfield has lacked pace and penetration until...
  13. Ironops

    Marvin Johnson and Britt Assombalonga

    What Fletcher has done to justify a new contract is look like he gives a $hit, gets involved in general play, plays other into the game and works his socks off - not anything you could accuse Britt of doing. He tries to win a header, falls on his @rse, takes ages to get back up, misses a sitter...
  14. Ironops

    Marvin Johnson and Britt Assombalonga

    I wouldnt offer Britt a contract at all, for however little, he's taking up a space in the squad that could and should be used for a better striker
  15. Ironops

    Warnock - 'a few things wrong at the club'

    Recruitment and the way we do deals? Didnt Pulis say the same thing a few years ago?
  16. Ironops

    Brit Akpom and bettinelli utterly useless

    I think we just have to accept that the squad is not quite there this season. Britt has been rubbish for the last 2 seasons, I know you can make the argument about service to him but look at the worldy he had against Forest recently - why doesnt he play like that every week? Its a choice and he...
  17. Ironops

    yet another reason its best to be out of EU

    On their own Baltic countries can’t stand up to Russia but as part of a block of 27 then they have a voice Russia will listen to That’s the point. Strength in unity. Not going off on your own and doing your own thing
  18. Ironops

    yet another reason its best to be out of EU

    So what your suggesting is that each country take its own line against Russia, some softer, some harder and that will reduce the threat Russia poses to the west? Maybe the lack of solidarity will just confuse them or something? If youve thought it through and come to that conclusion then...
  19. Ironops

    yet another reason its best to be out of EU

    You really haven’t thought this through have you? 😂😂
  20. Ironops

    Only fools and horses

    Yeah your probably right