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  1. Frozen Horse

    Playing out from the back.

    I've said before that I think playing out from the back is effective if you have better players than your opponents, but pure fools gold if your players are no better than the opposition. When a poor team does it, it always looks like a pretentious affectation rather than a means of improving...
  2. Frozen Horse

    Well Done Darlo

    I see they've made it through to the FA Cup second round with an away win at Swindon. Pity they can't play Sunderland in the second round. Meanwhile, maybe Leeds are falling apart early this year?
  3. Frozen Horse

    Are Reading the real deal?

    I remember Charlton were up there for the first 5 or 6 matches of last season, and I've been waiting for Reading to fade away like Charlton did. However, they keep winning. They can lose their next 2 and they'll probably still be top. So when do we start think of them as genuine title contenders?