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  1. Ironops

    Just cancelled Sky tv

    Bill had been £48 a month for Sports, Movies and entertainment plus HD - never understood why they charged more for HD but anyway... End of my contract and they put the price up to £81 a month :oops: cant really justify that to watch Boro on the red button with terrible picture quality so...
  2. Ironops

    Warnock - 'a few things wrong at the club'

    Recruitment and the way we do deals? Didnt Pulis say the same thing a few years ago?
  3. Ironops

    Quartz or laminate work tops?

    Looking into them for a new kitchen and the price difference is MASSIVE! Is quartz that much better? Any alternatives? all advice welcome!
  4. Ironops

    Who was best, Viduka, Boksic or Ravanelli?

    Just seen some old footage of Boksic on a twitter feed, got me thinking. Only my opinion but those 3 feel like the same 'type' of player - skillful classy but maybe dont offer a lot in general play...
  5. Ironops

    Tinned orange segments

    can never seem to get hold of any - have they gone out of fashion or has covid hit the supply? I know its not Brexit related as I havent seen them in any big supermarket chain for months...
  6. Ironops

    Is Teesside in the running for this? Maybe the former steel works site?
  7. Ironops

    Are we linked with any strikers

    Other than Zohore at WBA
  8. Ironops

    Question about twitter

    Ive seen some people have their name then 3.5% next to it Other have their name then 96.5% next to it Anyone know what this means?
  9. Ironops

    Who is the Charlton player Warnock asked about

    In the Gazette today Warnock says the link to Dillon Phillips at Charlton isnt true and that he spoke to Charlton about another player and it was them that mentioned Phillips Wonder who it was Warnock enquired about? Looking through their squad nobody leaps out...
  10. Ironops

    Kenneth Zohore

    We are after him apparently West Brom striker, previously played for Warnock at Cardiff - big but not prolific lets see if we can stuff this one up as well then
  11. Ironops

    Yaya Sanogo

    Are we still in advanced talks then? Or has our negotiating team put him off? Someone really should speak to Bausor about the benefits of Listerine... Rumours on twitter that Millwall and Preston have now entered the race to sign him. So, once again, wtf is going on?
  12. Ironops

    Joe Williams signs for Bristol City

    Another target missed- what the hell are we doing?
  13. Ironops

    Peloton exercise bike

    Anyone got one? Any good? especially interested to hear from anyone over 50
  14. Ironops

    Greyhound - film

    Watched Greyhound the new Tom Hanks film last night on Apple TV+ Its about a WW2 Atlantic navy convoy. Really enjoyed it, great film