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  1. Barnsy

    I’d imagine NW is off after the season end

    Next season's manager, as I've said a couple of times is already sorted.
  2. Barnsy

    Lee Johnson

    I said on a previous post some weeks ago, Paul Cook is holding out for the Middlesbrough position .
  3. Barnsy

    This day 1974 Wembley beckons, but.......

    Wow! Some crowd that.
  4. Barnsy

    Lee Johnson

    Hey, no problem at all. UtB.👍
  5. Barnsy

    Lee Johnson

    It was aimed at the poster who seemed to adore the Cowley brothers believe it or not. If they 'seemed that way' you could have asked for clarification 😃🤔. Better than going off on one.😃
  6. Barnsy

    Lee Johnson

    Why do you think my remarks were aimed at you? They weren't by the way.
  7. Barnsy

    Lee Johnson

    No. That's for other people to peddle. I've got sufficient to be proud of thanks. How about you?
  8. Barnsy

    Life begins at 70🎂

    Happy birthday to Windy and Harry. 🎂🎂👍
  9. Barnsy

    Lee Johnson

    Lee Johnson, the Cowley brothers, were recommended to us. But alas only by one particular, know it all poster.
  10. Barnsy

    Leeds Fans

    It seems that many want Leeds to be relegated, that's ok by me. What is strange is that there is more dislike towards Leeds than Man U and the rest of the money grabbing hierarchy. I don't like Leeds at all, but as a Yorkshire club, I hope they edge it over Chelsea, Liverpool etc. UtB
  11. Barnsy

    Leeds Fans

    You led a sheltered life then?
  12. Barnsy

    Rita Ora

    You do like your celebs foggy.
  13. Barnsy

    NHS Bonus

    Many front line care workers wouldn't have been on the 'front line' without being able to drop their youngsters off with teachers who (sometimes against union advice) were working through the school breaks.
  14. Barnsy

    NHS Bonus

    Agree. Specifically those who worked through their Easter and half term breaks to accommodate vulnerable children and those of other key workers.
  15. Barnsy

    Free Harry Pearson Farther Corner with WSC Subscription

    On the subject of magazines, and going slightly off track, I used to subscribe to New Society. One month there was an article headlined, 'Leeds, its Hooligans and the Meeja (sic)'. When reading the article I browsed the accompanying photograph (black and white) and noticed that the photo was in...
  16. Barnsy

    Free Harry Pearson Farther Corner with WSC Subscription

    I didn't know that WSC was still active. I presume it is hard copy and not an online version? I subscribed in the 80's (ish) and even had a very tasteful T-Shirt from them.
  17. Barnsy

    Any businesses you wouldn't mind see going under?

    I don't think that the OP is expecting people to take the thread too seriously, certainty it's not worth getting angry about.😀 We could add let's hope the Supermarkets who pay their staff a pittance go under. But there's a problem with that isn't there?
  18. Barnsy

    Britt Misses Empty Goal From 2 Yards

    Yes, of course, Bernie never, ever, missed a chance. But if he had, people would have said something like, 'Camsell/Clough/Peacock wouldn't have missed a chance like that'. And everyone would have nodded their heads and chuckled.
  19. Barnsy

    Lessons from today (with hindsight)

    Understand that things don't always go the way you want, learn from the experience, pick yourselves up after the setback and focus on the next game. And celebrate that we are the mighty MFC who have scored 5 goals in the last two games.
  20. Barnsy

    Karanka Nil

    Do you mean bargain basement Brum?