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  1. Hap

    Choosing your team

    When it comes to supporting a football team I’m a firm believer in this: on the day of your birth, your Dad and brothers (or his friends) spread a map over the kitchen table, and with a ruler identify the nearest football ground. And THAT is the team you support until you die. End of. I did come...
  2. Hap

    Song lyrics/music

    Evening, I posted these song lyrics a while ago and finally got around to putting some music to them. They're based on my Grandfather's life and a few people seemed to enjoy them, so music too below. Thanks. Ten Thousand Miles Led from the shadow of Misty Law, by a desperate search for more...
  3. Hap

    Movie tonight at 10pm

    BBC2 10pm tonight, (if you’ve not seen it) Guy Pierce in Momento. Now there’s a head spinning movie. Great film. Might have to watch it twice to really get the twist.
  4. Hap

    Marvellous Film 9pm tonight

    Great movie based on a true story. Well worth a watch.
  5. Hap

    TTTV Charlton's Champions

    Spotted this on Facebook. Not sure if it has already been posted, but some great behind the scenes footage.
  6. Hap

    Social distancing screens

    Hi. I normally wouldn't post anything work related, but this affects so many people at work right now. We expect to be able to release details of our new social distancing screens, in both floor and desk mounted formats, on Tuesday. We’ve had a number of enquires already. Contact me directly...