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    The abuse that Bettinelli has been getting

    There is enough restrictions on here now without taking away peoples rights to criticise players. Bettinelli is getting stick for consistently not making any saves and Assombalonga gets stick for his lack of effort and goals.
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    Bamford & Traore

    Ive just read Bielsa said Leeds had double the chances to score that Wolves did. I guess Maths isnt his strong point.
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    Fancy Josh Kelly on points tomorrow night, sparred with him years ago.

    Shame you ran off from the kids outside Ingleby Tesco. :oops:
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    What the Inter City train ? :sneaky:
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    Havent we been here before with Boro legend ? :oops:
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    Hope he is as successful as the last 2 owners. :ROFLMAO:
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    Pubs - last service to be re-opened

    They are all closed. I walked through Middlesbrough town centre a couple of days ago its like a ghost town. Many shops wont reopen.
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    I was behind the goal when he smashed one in off the post away to Brentford last February. We all went mental. My last away game before Covid.
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    Why are people so quick to knock him ? Came from non league and has played well and scored some great goals for us. Maybe he is getting found out a bit after his quick rise but i hope he goes on to have a good career in football.
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    Ayresome over Riverside

    It certainly did i remember him being annoying there too.
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    Bottom 3 in Premier League look doomed...

    Poor fat Sam wont get his bonus. :oops:
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    Bless Rita Ora

    Not something we want to hear on this forum, thank you very much. :)
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    Anthony Vickers - what’s he up to now?

    I thought he was banned ? :unsure:
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    Charlie Wyke

    I think the boo boys would soon be on his back if he came back here.
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    Charlie Wyke

    And me and i know what he thinks of the Mackems. :unsure:
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    When's your first gig of the year due to be?

    Pet Shop boys Newcastle in May.
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    Im currently 98% up with Cardano. 33% up with Ethereum and 65% down with XRP. Sums things up with Cryptos.
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    Now there is a ban on international travel holidays

    Doesnt seem to affect Celtic. A bit insensitive. Celtic: Dubai trip not 'great example' says deputy first minister John Swinney - BBC Sport
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    Stojanovic joins St Pauli on loan

    Mejias coming back. :confused:
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    Who remembers this day 1988 - Oldham away & the swinging gate

    Cant have been that one my first away game was Carlisle Boxing Day 84.